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Madison Police Department

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On Sept. 7 an information report was filed at Raceway Convenience store, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman said she exited her car with a debit card to pump gas and left her wallet in the car. She said she then placed her debit card back in her wallet and, later, could not find the Vera Bradley wallet. The wallet was brown with flowers.

On Sept. 7 a warrant was issued against Shaconda Sherri Gibbs, 27, Monroe for shoplifting. According to reports, employees at Wal Mart reported that on Sept. 6 Gibbs allegedly was video taped while, at 6:46 p.m., she left the store with a kitchen mixer and other electronic devices in a buggy. Reports allege that 10 minutes later Gibbs left the store with two 43” LED UHD televisions. In that instance Gibbs was accompanied by two black female accomplices and a black male accomplice. The store also captured an image of the vehicle Gibbs and the other persons used to leave the store. A day later Gibbs was allegedly again caught on surveillance tape with a male accomplice taking a third 43” LG television and a “tote box.” The male took two 43” televisions, reports state. The items are valued at $2,000.

On Sept. 11 a theft of services complaint was filed at a Maple Street residence. According to reports, a city of Madison utility employee reported that on July 27 water services to the residence had been terminated for lack of payment. The employee said that he had locked the water meter at that time. On Sept. 11 he inspected the water meter and found that the lock had been cut and that 8,500 gallons of water had been used in the residence. The meter was removed and a man at the residence denied cutting the lock or using water.

On Sept. 11 an information report was filed at Morgan Memorial Hospital. According to reports, an officer was called to the hospital regarding a woman allegedly taking a bag of linens. The officer reported that he was familiar with the woman and her residence so he drove to the woman’s residence and confronted her regarding the alleged theft. The officer was able to retrieve the stolen items and return them to the hospital.

On Sept. 7 an arrest warrant was issued against Nancy Gardner, 49, Union Point for shoplifting and simple assault. According to reports, Gardner and her daughter were confronted regarding shoplifting allegations at Walmart, Eatonton Road. Reports state that Gardner was taken to a security office but the daughter went to a vehicle in the parking lot. Gardner allegedly, at the security detail’s request, called her daughter to coerce her to come back in the store. However, the daughter, reports state, allegedly  cajoled Gardner to flee from the security office to her awaiting vehicle. Reports state that Gardner allegedly pushed a security agent aside and fled towards the car but returned shortly after and punched a security agent while forcing her way back into the security office to retrieve her purse. Gardner and the daughter are wanted, in part, for shoplifting Febreze, candle wax, a wax melter and a starter set. The items are valued at $35.

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