Proposed Buckhead housing project put on hold

Sarah Wibell News

A small housing development that would require a zoning text amendment was pitched to the Buckhead City Council at the last regular meeting on Monday evening.

The council heard the proposal from Algin Realty to purchase land along Chivers and Buckhead roads to build an estimated five homes on half-acre lots. Realtor Rhonda Smith stated that the plan to build entry-level homes around $200,000 would create opportunities for young families to move into Morgan County who are otherwise being pushed out due to higher costs of housing. Smith noted that the land is currently under contract with a 14-day due diligence period.

Chuck Jarrell, director of Morgan County Planning and Development, pointed out that Buckhead has an ordinance requiring a minimum lot size of one-acre. Smaller lot sizes would require a text amendment approved by the Morgan County Planning Commission, which can take 60 days. Buckhead Town Council would also have to vote on the project, even if the county were to approve such a text amendment.

The council listened to the information presented and stated that they would consider all aspects of the proposed project before voting.

Walker noted, “We don’t want to try to discourage anything. We, representing the town, want to be careful of what we do, because we have kids and grandkids who might live here, and so we try to look at everything.”

Buckhead’s Town Council also voted to accept a bid for sidewalk repair and installation during their regular meeting on Monday, September 17. Additionally, the council voted to purchase gate closers for the six pedestrian entrances to the park by the Buckhead fire station.

Buckhead Mayor Ricky Walker updated the council that the town continues to have miscellaneous water issues and noted that a local woman has volunteered to assist in researching grants

The Town of Buckhead is seeking a volunteer to assist in the maintenance of the local cemetery. The previous person in charge of the cemetery would contact family members of loved ones buried there and receive payments for plot upkeep. For more information, contact the Town of Buckhead at 706-342-3339.

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