Time to hit the dance floor

Brittany Whitley Community

Twilight disco rays glittered Town Park’s grassy dancefloor as 250 copasetic locals boogied down Saturday night. Madison is sure not to forget the far out funky 70’s aroma left from the Saturday in the Park: 1970’s Dance Party.

“It’s such fun to see the lawn used as a dance floor,” said Special Events Director Colleen Hall. “The DJ was excellent and really in sync with the crowd – if a song wasn’t working he would just segue to another. The crowd was happy and having a great time in Town Park, what more could we ask for!”

DJ Zook created an atmosphere of good vibes with his mix of 70’s rock, funk, and disco while many showed off their groovy moves and others enjoyed the scene from their picnic set ups. Families filled the gazebo with choice spreads of food, while the rest of the space was transformed into an additional dance floor.

“Saturday’s DJ/ Disco in the park was a very enjoyable event, good music, and the grass was full of dancers,” said Robert of Bella Dance. “A must-see activity in the future; these events are worth supporting.”

“If you have not gone to an event in the park, I encourage you to go and take advantage of the time and effort put in by the City of Madison to provide us with this kind of entertainment,” Morgan County citizen Mark Fielder commented. “To me, this is what living in Madison is all about.”

With an event this unforgettable, a 70’s party can be expected to make a stop at Town Park sooner rather than later.

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