Morgan County Sheriff's Office

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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On Oct. 13 Joseph Conrad Christian, 27, Covington was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. According to reports, a deputy was called to a Cleveland Avenue, Buckhead regarding Christian allegedly in a fight with another man. When the deputy arrived he spoke with a man who said he did not want to press charges or report the fight to police. The deputy agreed but, reports state, as he was leaving, Christian stepped out of the darkness, cursing and exclaimed “I’m right here!” He then approached the front of the house “in an aggressive manner” and removed all items from his pockets and placed them on the trunk of a vehicle. He also, continued to curse and yell at the man and then placed his hands on the trunk in a posture to be arrested. The deputy reminded Christian that the man had declined to press charges or discuss the fight and as the deputy attempted to leave Christian allegedly increased hostilities. The deputy also noted that two days earlier he had assisted the Madison Police Department and the Morgan County Detention Center in two instances involving Christian and “erratic and threatening behavior…” Christian was then arrested.

On Oct. 12 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a construction site  on Sewell Road, Rutledge. According to reports, a man said someone took 100 ton and 50 ton jacks valued at $30,000 from the job site. The man said a battery was also removed from a mini-excavator at the job site.

On Oct. 12 a runaway juvenile complaint was filed at a Brenda Lane residence. According to reports, a woman said a 16-year-old female had apparently kicked off the screen to her bedroom window and fled. The complainant said the child left around 11 p.m. She said the child had contacted her and told her she was in Macon and “was fine.”

On Oct. 12 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Mallard Ridge Drive residence. According to reports, a man alleged that a neighbor graded too close to his property line. The complainant alleged that a man hired by the neighbor had also damaged vegetation by turning dump trunks around on the property. The man estimated the damage at $3,000.

On Oct. 11 an identity fraud complaint was filed at a Centennial Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that someone had used her information to establish and not pay for a T Mobile phone account. The woman said she is now receiving credit collection notices for a $182.51 bill.

On Oct. 11 a damage to property complaint was filed at an Apalachee River Woods Drive residence. According to reports, a woman reported that someone had been coming onto her property and damaging items. A deputy observed that someone had ripped dock lights off a dock and left them hanging by the wire. He also observed outdoor furniture thrown into the lake. The complainant said her furniture had been tossed in the lake on several occasions. Someone also damaged an outdoor fire pit by kicking off a chimney.

On Oct. 9 a burglary complaint was filed at a Little Creek Lane residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that she observed her grandson “shuffling” through a bag inside her barn. She said she told the man to leave and he left carrying two wrenches. The woman has reported the grandson on four prior cases regarding taking items from her residence and property. However, she told the deputy she no longer wanted pursue legal actions against the grandson but did want him served with a criminal trespass notice.

On Oct. 9 a dispute complaint was filed at a Seven Islands Road location. According to reports, a man said after he stopped at 8 p.m. on Seven Islands Road to avoid hitting a deer, a vehicle behind him honked its horn and then on Baldwin Dairy Road attempted to pass him and while passing allegedly threw rocks at the complainant’s vehicle. The complainant also charged that the passenger in the vehicle was throwing trash out of the window. A deputy located the vehicle at a Cleveland Avenue, Buckhead residence and spoke with man who confirmed the complainant’s allegations but said no rocks were thrown during the confrontation.

On Oct. 8 a burglary complaint was filed at a Bethany Road residence. According to reports, a man said someone forced entry into his shop and removed $10,000 worth of Snap On tools, a Makita grinder, two chainsaws, a Craftsman saw and a plastic five gallon gas tank for a boat. Total estimation of taken items is 10,470.

On Oct. 8 a 16-year-old male was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault. According to reports, the male allegedly fired a Ruger 22 rifle at a vehicle driven by his brother. The brother’s girlfriend was also in the vehicle at the time. Reports state that the brother said he and the 16-year-old had argued regarding the 16-year-old allegedly grabbing the girlfriend. The brother said he walked out of the Bethany Road house at 3:21 p.m. to get groceries out of a vehicle when the teen allegedly walked onto the porch with the gun. The brother said he and the girlfriend got into the vehicle and drove away and while he was driving away he heard shots and heard a “loud bang” on the driver’s side door of the vehicle. A deputy noted that there was a bullet hole in the door. The brother called his father who came to the residence and said the teen was argumentative and left the area toward the woods. A deputy located the teen and the rifle. The teen was transported to the Wilkes County Regional Youth Detention Center.

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