Morgan County Sheriff's Office

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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On Oct. 22 a cruelty to animals complaint was filed at a Fairplay Road residence. According to reports, a man reported that someone had shot and killed a cow. A deputy observed a deceased cow lying on its side with a hole in the cow.

On Oct. 22 a forgery complaint was filed at a Seven Islands Road, Buckhead residence. According to reports, a man said someone had taken, forged and cashed a $1,200 check. The check was cashed at the Newton Federal Bank in Covington. The complainant said he recognized the handwriting on the check, however, and informed deputies of his suspicions.

On Oct. 21 a criminal trespass and theft by taking complaint was filed at a Riden Road residence. According to reports, a man said 10 to 15 sheets of plywood had been taken from the residence, which he is in the process of renovating. The complainant said he also found several of his tools in a creek bed near the house. On Oct. 16 the same complainant said someone came onto the property and broke windows, damaged gables and took small tools and screw drivers. Also, two cell phone chargers had been removed. He also said one night while he was walking through the residence he noticed a red light on his chest like a laser sight. He said he walked to another room and a second laser light came in a second window. He also said he has seen a teenage male run through a field near his residence.

On Oct. 20 Joseph Conrad Christian, 27, Buckhead and April Lynn Houston, 29, Covington were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. According to reports, deputies were called to a Cleveland Avenue, Buckhead regarding a domestic disturbance. When deputies arrived, reports state, they located Christian in a wooded area behind the residence and Houston was crouching behind the house. A complainant at the house said Christian and Houston had begun to argue and when the complainant told them to cease, Christian allegedly grabbed pool balls off a pool table and threw them and struck the complainant. Four windows were also broken in the residence along with a television and a fifth window. Houston allegedly resisted officers attempts to detain her.

On Oct. 19 a burglary and criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Reid’s Ferry Road residence. According to reports, a woman told deputies that someone had broken into her mother’s residence while the mother was incarcerated. According to reports, a back door lock had been pried off with a pair of garden clippers. The complainant said approximately $250 in costume jewelry had been taken. The complainant suggested three persons who could have taken the items. Later, the deputy was told that the complainant had called the Morgan County Sherif’s Office and suggested one of her friends was responsible for the thefts.

On Oct. 18 a simple battery complaint was filed at a Williams Street, Rutledge residence. According to reports, a 16-year-old girl said that while she was sitting outside with her dogs, a car with three young girls pulled up. The teen said the girls exited the car and started a fight with the teen. The teen’s sister was asleep in the house and came outside to break up the fight. The teen was able to identify all the alleged assailants.

On Oct. 16 a criminal trespass and battery complaint was filed at a Cleveland Avenue, Buckhead residence. According to reports, a woman said that her 3-year-old son told her that a 27-year-old man had hurt the child. The woman said she confronted the man and the man allegedly became angry and threw his beer bottle to the ground, shattering the bottle. The man also allegedly cursed at the woman. The child said the man hit him in the chest with his finger.

On Oct. 15 a damage to property complaint was filed at Buckhead Chevron, Seven Islands Road, Buckhead. According to reports, an employee reported that a man placed a diesel fuel nozzle into the fuel tank of his truck and then entered the store to pay for fuel. The employee said after the man was told the store’s credit card machines were down, the man left and drove off with the nozzle still in the tank. The nozzle detached from the hose but the man continued to drive away with the nozzle attached to his fuel tank. The nozzle is estimated at $400.

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