Wedding crashers arrested

Patrick Yost News

A couple was taken to jail after they allegedly disrupted a wedding at Variety Works by both yelling at the wedding party, allowing their dogs to relieve themselves at the front door of the wedding reception hall and throwing some type of liquid at the bride from a balcony.

Russell W. Shuttlesworth, 54, Dahlonega and Lori T. Moose, 60, Suches, Ga. were both arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and interference with a business on Saturday, Oct. 20 at approximately 8:20 p.m. by two Madison Police Department officers. The couple was arrested in the hallway outside a loft they inhabit in a building next door to Variety Works, West Washington Street.

Reports allege that officers were called by a Variety Works employee after Shuttlesworth came onto the Variety Works property yelling “where’s the (expletive) b**** at.” The complaint states that Shuttlesworth continued to yell the refrain during the actual wedding ceremony.

The employee also alleged that Moose walked two dogs to the front of Variety Works and let the dogs relieve themselves while guests where attempting to walk into the facility. The complaint also alleges that Moose screamed at wedding guest from the balcony of the loft apartment and “threw a glass of some type of liquid which hit the bride’s wedding dress.” She also was allegedly screaming at wedding guests, reports allege.

The employee said that both Shuttlesworth and Moose had interrupted events in the past and that both appeared intoxicated during the incidents.

Offices obtained statements regarding the incident from four witnesses at the event.

Both Shuttlesworth were handcuffed outside the loft apartment and were transported to the Morgan County Detention Center. Both were issued criminal trespass notices barring them from returning to the property of Variety Works but, reports state, both refused to sign the notice.

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