Heroin found during arrest

Patrick Yost News

A Decatur man initially arrested for possession of marijuana charges now faces more serious charges after suspected heroin, methamphetamine and pills were located in his anal cavity.

Calvin Lee Chege, 25, was charged Oct. 30 with three counts of possession of controlled substances, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, crossing guard lines with contraband and failure to maintain lane after a traffic stop on Interstate 20.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s reports, a deputy responding to motorist complaints of an unsafe driver traveling eastbound on Interstate 20. The complainant alleged that the vehicle was failing to maintain lane “as if impaired.”

The deputy located the 2018 Chevrolet Impala driving east and noted that the vehicle crossed the centerline and was allegedly driving erratically.

Consequent to a traffic stop, Chege allegedly told deputy he had recently been released from prison and was on probation. A bag with smaller plastic bags was located in a fanny pack Chege had around his shoulder along with a small amount of suspected marijuana. Inside the vehicle a red back pack contained two smaller bags of suspected marijuana.

After Chege was transported to the Morgan County Detention Center, a jailer at the center alerted deputies following a search that Chege also had several small bags of methamphetamine in his rectum along with two bags of suspected heroin and a third bag that allegedly held two Percocet pills.

The items were collected and placed in an evidence locker.

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