Kemp wins in Morgan

Tia Lynn Ivey News

The Midterm Election last Tuesday drew record numbers of voters across the country and Morgan County was no exception. Local voters have spoken, they overwhelmingly want Republicans in office and alcohol served before noon on Sundays.

Just over 73 percent of registered Morgan County voters turned out for Tuesday’s election, casting a total of 9,574 ballots. Morgan County voters favored Republican Candidate for Governor Brian Kemp, who earned 71.19 percent of Morgan County votes, a total of 6,804 ballots.  Democratic candidate for Governor Stacey Abrams earned 27.96 percent of the vote, which amounts to a total of 2,672 ballots.

City of Madison voters cast 1,315 ballots in favor against 558 votes against of the “Sunday Brunch” referendum, which will allow Madison restaurants to obtain a permit to sell alcohol beginning at 11 a.m. on Sundays.

The were several uncontested local races to reelect Morgan County Commissioner Donald Harris, Morgan County Commissioner Andy Ainslie, Morgan County Board of Education Forrest Padgett and Morgan County Board of Education member Andrew Ainslie III. Harris earned 97.87 percent of the vote, (1,516 ballots). Ainslie earned 98.96 percent of the vote, (1,717 ballots).  Ainslie III earned 98.53 percent of the vote, (1,542 ballots). Padgett earned 99.16 percent of the vote (1,765 ballots).

As of press time on Tuesday Nov. 6, the actual winners had not been determined across the State of Georgia.

Republican Incumbent Jody Hice for the U.S.  Representative District 10, earned 72.74 percent of the vote, for a total of 6,823 ballots. Democratic Candidate for District 10, Tabitha Johnson-Green earned 27.22 percent of the Morgan vote, for a total of 2,553 ballots.

Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan earned 72.39 percent of the vote, (6,633 ballots). Democratic Candidate for Lt. Governor Sarah Riggs Amico earned 27.51 percent of the vote (2,521 ballots).

Brad Raffensperger, Republican candidate for Georgia Secretary of State, earned 69.69 percent of the vote (6,552). John Barrow, the Democratic candidate for Georgia Secretary of State earned 28.87 percent of the vote (2,695).

State Senator Burt Jones and State Representative for District 112 Dave Belton, both Republicans, were reelected in uncontested races. Jones earned 98.27 percent of the vote (7,805). Belton earned 98.16 percent of the vote (7,735).

Morgan County voters also favored all five Georgia Constitutional Amendments on the ballot, which earned up to three-quarters of the Morgan County vote.

The first amendment Creates a land conservation trust fund with 75 percent of revenue from sales and use taxes on outdoor recreation equipment. The second amendment creates a business court and establishes procedures and rules for judicial selection, term length, and qualifications. The third amendment revises method for determining market value of forest land and creates a timberland property class. Although Morgan County voters overwhelmingly approved this amendment with 62 percent of the vote, the newly revised standard could cost Morgan County $800,000 in annual revenue from the State.

The fourth amendment, known as Marsy’s Law, adds rights of crime victims, such as being notified of their perpetrators court dates and having a say before they are released.

The fifth amendment on the ballot allows a school district or multiple districts with a majority of students within a county to call for a county sales tax referendum.

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