Turkish Rug exhibition, sale at Cultural Center

Brittany Whitley News

“Most of them were made before I was born,” proclaimed Hasan’s Rugs Owner Nile Candan as he stood among a velvet sea of dreams, traditions, and emotions carefully woven into century-old carpets spilled across the wooden Madison-Morgan Cultural Center floors.

Locals and those from a far trickled in and speckled the center’s muraled floors Thursday night to marvel and even buy some of those aged, but timeless art rugs.

The Turkish company searches villages, markets, auctions, and dying businesses throughout Turkey for traditional rugs, aging up to 200 years old, to showcase and sell to people all over the world. 

“We love color, we love art,” Candan said. “This is a tradition that was born about 2,500 years ago. This is an art – basically a painting but you just weave it with your hands instead of painting on a canvas… We want to keep this form of art alive, that’s what we are trying to do because this is very hard to make. It takes a long time and they don’t get paid according to the time they put in to making something like that, so it’s a dying art.”

The night included an educational talk on the history, culture, and art of rug making which was presented with a documentary and narration by Candan. From the talk, attendees and potential buyers learned about the harvesting of wool, wool dying, yarn spindling, loom making which Candan referred to as the “hardest part”, and the science behind the Turkish double knot.

A portion of proceeds from the rug sale benefitted the Cultural Center. All articles of Hasan’s Rugs can be viewed on their website www.hasanrugs.com

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