New day at MCHS

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A ribbon cutting ceremony was held last Monday to celebrate the newly completed Morgan County High School. The new high school is one part of an estimated $59 million project that will create a consolidated school campus that features a new high school, a new middle school, a College and Career Academy and a new transportation facility.

Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle attended the event, along with State Senator Burt Jones, State Representative Dave Belton, Madison Mayor Fred Perriman, Morgan County Board of Education Chairman Nelson Hale,  Superintendent James Woodard.

All of the members of the Morgan County Board of Education and board members of the Technical College System of Georgia.

Cagle praised Morgan County for its vision for the future of education in pursuing this project. He praised Superintendent Dr. James Woodard and MCHS Principal Dr. Miki Edwards for their leadership in bringing about the new high school and college and career academy.

“Here in Morgan County, you have got the very, very best in the entire state, if not the nation, in both Dr. James Woodard and Dr. Miki Edwards,” said Cagle.

Cagle also recognized the entire Morgan County School Board, the Madison-Morgan Chamber of Commerce, Senator Burt Jones and State Represenative Dave Belton for all playing a role in securing the completion of the new Morgan County High School.

Cagle emphasized the revolutionary power of the incorporating the College and Career Academy into Morgan County’s educational opportunities.

“The reality is that the building is just one component of what makes this place so special,” said Cagle. “It’s really about the ability for individuals that are in a place and time to learn—not just simply gain the knowledge—but the gain the skills they will need to be self-reliant well into the future.”

According to Cagle, the College and Career Academy is a vital part of providing young students with the chance to discover their academic passions and carve the path of their future careers.

“If you are looking for a rising tide that lifts all boats, that’s what we are celebrating here today,” said Cagle. “I could not be more proud of your leadership team and more importantly, I could not be more proud of what your future is going to look like…We will all be able to look back and see that this was a major game changer that we all got to be a part of.”

Senator Burt Jones recognized the Morgan County Board of Education for steamrolling the new high school project through its completion.

“Your vision and your wherewithal has made this happen,” said Jones, who also praised teachers and parents for their continued support throughout the project. “You all deserve a lot of credit and have a lot to be proud of…This is a community that really has its act together, in trying to educate their children and give them an opportunity to make something of themselves, to be productive citizens…At the end of the day, you all do what is right for the general public.”

Dr. Woodard spoke about the new opportunities the new school affords to students.

“Today the sun is shining in Morgan County and our students are the future,” said Woodard. “I want to take a few minutes to really reflect on what this building represents. First and foremost, I am excited about the opportunities that await our students in this building and new opportunities that are still to be found as we start to make business connections within our community to all the pathways that are going to be offered.”

Woodard noted the upgrades in the new high school, including enhanced safety and security, a healthier environment for students and staff, and state-of-the-art technology.

“The responses from the students have been neat,” said Woodard. “One student said, ‘I feel like I am going to school in the movies.’”

Woodard is looking forward to the completion of the new middle school, which will began construction after the demolition of the old high school is completed and cleared.

“I have to give a big kudos to this entire community, specifically the staff and teachers of the Morgan County school system,’ said Woodard. “I am proud of every one of you. I want to say a personal thanks from my heart to yours for whatever part you played in this.  This day represents the future of Morgan County.”

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