Madison Police Department

Madison Police Department

Patrick Yost Law Enforcement

On Nov. 15 an information report was filed at Rema Tip Top, Industrial Boulevard. According to reports, an employee reported that after a work break, another employee came onto the floor and accused the employee of instigating others to start a fight. The employee allegedly said he wanted someone to pick a fight with him so he could “blow like a time bomb.” He also allegedly mentioned acquiring a gun. The employee left work early and told supervisors he was quitting.

On Nov. 16 an information report was filed at Amici, West Washington Street. According to reports, a manager said she had been contacted by an employee who told her he had either lost or washed his paycheck. The woman said the company re-issued a second check which the employee cashed. Later, the original check was also mobile deposited into a Newton Federal account.

On Nov. 15 an information report was filed at Madison Chophouse, South Main Street. According to reports, an officer called regarding two patrons leaving the restaurant without paying for their meal. Once an officer arrived he observed a Chophouse employee in the back parking lot with a male and female. The employee stated that the pair had left without paying for the $40 meal. The male was allowed to leave to go to an ATM to retrieve money to pay for the meal. The male never returned and the female was told that the male’s failure to return was going to result in her arrest for theft of services. The female was able to call a relative who paid for the meal using a credit card. The woman was then released.

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