Soccer, fire projects nearly complete

Tia Lynn Ivey News

County officials anticipate two major projects coming to completion by the end of the calendar: a new recreational complex comprised of three regulation soccer fields and concession stand and a new fire station in Godfrey. The combined costs of these projects amounts to nearly $2.5 million dollars, with the soccer complex expected to exceed the budget by $20,000-$30,0000.

“We are excited that we get to take two totally different approaches creating new facilities in our community, said County Manager Adam Mestres. “One being the new fire station to help better assist our public safety needs in the community at large, and the other being a new recreation complex that helps promote a quality of life that our residents have asked for over time. We are thoroughly excited about both projects being completed.”

The new soccer complex is the first phase in what was originally supposed to include four new baseball fields. The project was scaled back after costs were reassessed and the county decided to only move forward with the soccer fields, which cost just under $1.9 million.

“It’s over 90 percent complete now, with just some interior work left to do inside the concession stand building,” said Mestres. “We will revisit the baseball fields portion of the project once funding becomes available.”

The soccer complex spans across 15 acres on Old Buckhead Road across from Bill Wood Park.

“This is something our community has wanted for a long time. Soccer is very popular among our kids and these new fields will allow us to accommodate soccer teams from areas to come and compete in Morgan County,” explained Mestres earlier this year. “We are excited that the soccer complex is nearing completion. The new fields will relieve congestion from existing baseball fields, where soccer is currently being played. The new complex will also allow an opportunity to host regional tournaments which will draw in additional revenues from visitors in the community.”

In August, County Commissioner with Morgan County Fire and Rescue staff gathered for a groundbreaking ceremony for the new fire station in Godfrey, which cost $582,139. The new fire station is 3,400 square-feet and will be able to hold three fire apparatuses. The station is expected to be up and running by the end of December 2018.

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