Students learn the joys of giving

Brittany Whitley Community, Featured

First there was Thanksgiving Thursday, then Black Friday, then Cyber Monday, but then there was Giving Tuesday. In honor of this fairly new global holiday, Morgan County Primary School (MCPS) is running a week-long – Tuesday until Friday – Giving Market hosted by Brian Kimball from Booster for the students.

Booster, a school solutions company based in Alpharetta, is dedicated to serving schools by reinventing the execution of fundraisers and infusing character skills such as integrity and leadership into the students through their events.

The Giving Market aims to foster an environment of giving through daily giving themes: on Tuesday the kids were spurred to give another student a high-five. The families of the students are given a catalog loaded with goodies that would generate smiles for anyone – mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, grandparents, friends – and students are encouraged to buy gifts for whomever they choose in the name of giving.

As a sweet start, each student is given one dollar by Booster to purchase one small free gift to get the giving going.

This market duals as a way to teach children the essence of giving during the holiday season and help the primary school raise funds.

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