Crack charges filed

Patrick Yost News

Months of surveillance and the execution of a state probation violation warrant ended with a Madison man charged with trafficking in cocaine charges.

According to Sgt. Brandon Sellers, Criminal Investigations Division, Maurice Antonio Ingram, 25, was arrested and charged with trafficking in cocaine, possession and use of drug related objects and state probation violation after Morgan County authorities executed a warrant against Ingram at a Green Meadows Drive residence.

According to Sellers, Ingram was under surveillance at the time of his arrest. “We had been getting information on him for a few months,” Sellers said.

Consequent to Ingram’s arrest, Sellers said, authorities also requested and received a search warrant for a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe allegedly driven by Ingram. “He was not in the vehicle when we arrived. We had been conducting surveillance on him and had seen him in the vehicle not only that day but in days prior.”

The vehicle was at the Green Meadows Drive residence when authorities arrived. Found in the center console, Sellers said, was a plastic bag that contained 53 grams of suspected crack cocaine. The drugs are valued at $2,000. According to state statute, anything over 28 grams is automatically defaulted to a trafficking charge, which holds more severe penalties, including a 10 year minimum sentence.

Sellers said investigators were surprised at the discover. “The big stuff now is obviously methamphetamine and we’re seeing a little bit of heroin…” he said.

Authorities also seized $1,100 cash from Ingram. Law enforcement is currently working toward seizing both the cash and vehicle. Ingram remains incarcerated at the Morgan County Detention Center.

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