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Our story begins about six months ago: A trip for employees who were not to know what their bosses had planned till shortly before adventures began with surprises galore…

For almost two years Nancy and George Launius, owners of Thrifty Mac Pharmacy, had wanted to do something special for their employees who are like a family to them. In July, they began to plan a weekend trip to New York City (NYC).

“Life is short,” Nancy asserted. “I’m a firm believer in making memories along the way and sharing opportunities with those who help make our business successful. I kidded with the six women who were able to go. I created a little brochure that said we were going to go on a girls’ trip. At first, I didn’t tell them where as I was trying to downplay the excitement of NYC. I’d ask them, ‘Is there a place in Alabama or Florida that y’all would like to go?’ So, we carried on with that for a while.”

Jen Hayes, who has worked for Thrifty Mac the longest of the group, was the first to be told the actual location. This information was later revealed to the other women when Nancy showed them an image of the NYC skyline.

“They were really excited,” Nancy stated. “Then I told them I was going to take them to a Broadway show, but I didn’t tell them which one. Two days before we left, I handed them their tickets for the Lion King.”

None of the employees had been to NYC before, and three of the women had never been on an airplane.

“I overcame my fear of flying and made memories I will treasure for years to come,” Jenni Maddox commented. “My Thrifty Mac family is my second family, and there is no other group that I would rather have shared this experience with!”

A driver collected the women from La Guardia Airport and brought them to their hotel in the middle of Times Square. From there, the women enjoyed classic sights and a few surprises along the way including Nancy’s daughter, Lindsay Launius Mobley, and daughter-in-law, Lauren Launius, who joined the group for a day. They were all amazed when George Launius, who worked at the pharmacy that day, caught a standby flight and made an appearance Saturday night.

Kelli McCarty stated, “Nancy planned some really awesome things for us to do and see while we were there, and we had lots of laughs and fun memories in between.”

“I’m still in a ‘what just happened’ state of mind,” Jennifer Hayes reflected. “There’re no words to describe how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to visit New York with my wonderful Thrifty Mac family. We covered so much in two days: 911 Museum, Statue of Liberty, first time flying, first time on a subway, New York pizza, Lion King on Broadway, Times Square, Macy’s on 34th Street, Rockefeller Plaza, and so much more!”

Arriving home around 3:00am on Monday, all of the women were at work that same morning by 9:00 a.m. Each of them expressed gratitude to the Launiuses for what was consistently described as the trip of a lifetime.

“The joy, laughter, and memories created in New York with the Thrifty Mac Family will never be forgotten,” Denice Batchelor added.

Heather Messer Gardner not only expressed these sentiments but also shared an instance demonstrating the special relationship between her and George and Nancy: “(They) have been so good to me and my family. Earlier this year my family suffered a house fire, and without hesitation, George and Nancy both showed up and helped us so generously. Ya know, most places of employment don’t even bat an eye or care. But not the Launiuses! They love their customers, community, and employees with their whole hearts. This trip was just a dream. I love my bosses, coworkers, and now I am in love with NYC!!! We are not just coworkers, we are family! Thanks again Mr. George and Mrs. Nancy for always making our lives interesting and fun!”

Nancy remarked, “George and I are blessed to have a very dedicated staff. They work hard for us, and they work hard for our customers! Our pharmacy staff is number one! We absolutely received more joy than they could ever imagine from the opportunity to experience the excitement, fun, and laughter with them in New York City – a memory that will never be forgotten!”

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