Officer hailed as hero

Tia Lynn Ivey News

A life was saved due to the above-and-beyond efforts of a local Madison police officer.

Officer Travis Stubbs was off-duty on his way home in his patrol car when he heard a nearby medical call from the 911 Dispatch. The call reported an “unconscious and unresponsive person” at Bonner’s Restaurant in Buckhead. Stubbs, who has some medical training, jumped into action.

“Due to the nature of the call and his close proximity to the location, Officer Stubbs advised the dispatcher that he would be responding to the call,” said Police Chief Bill Ashburn.

According to Ashburn, upon arrival, Stubbs detected signs of cardiac arrest in the unresponsive person who was not breathing. Bystanders told Stubbs they had unsuccessfully tried the Heimlich maneuver. But Stubbs performed the Heimlich maneuver and was successful, clearing debris from the man’s throat. Stubbs proceeded to perform CPR on the man after being unable to detect vital signs.

“During CPR, the subject became responsive and chest compressions were ceased,” reported Ashburn to the Madison Mayor and City Council Monday evening. “Upon arrival of the EMS more advanced treatment was administered and the subject became alert and was able to speak. He was then transported to the hospital by ambulance.”

Stubbs was presented with the Lifesaving Award at Monday evenings meeting as council members and attendees gave him a standing ovation.

“Officer Stubbs’s willingness to respond outside of his jurisdiction due to a medical emergency, and his ability to recall his first aide training, ultimately saved a life,” said Ashburn. “It is with great honor that I award the Lifesaving Award to Officer Travis Stubbs of the Madison Police Department.”

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