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A pregnant woman was saved from a burning vehicle after crashing into a guardrail on I-20 in Morgan County in July. Now, the two men who saved her life, Jeffrey Hill and Demetrice Moore, have been recognized by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department with a Heroism Award. 

Hill and Moore received a Heroism Medal and plague to commemorate their selfless efforts to save the life of a complete stranger. 

“It was a huge honor to be recognized by the Sheriff’s Department and I am very, very humbled by it,” said Hill. 

“It was a surprise, I didn’t expect to get an award for doing that but it was nice to get it,” said Moore. 

According to the Sheriff’s Office, this is only the second time the department has issued a Hero Award.

“We are recognizing these men to point out that citizens who go over and above to save somebody else,” said Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley.  “When someone goes that extra mile they need to be recognized.”

On July 30, 33-year-old Jessica King, a pregnant woman from Conyers, Ga., lost control of her vehicle while driving alone down I-20, crashing head-on into the guardrail before spiraling down an embankment.  The hood of her 2015 Cruze LTZ Chevrolet caught fire as King remained trapped inside.

Two motorists pulled over just after the accident occurred and rushed toward the flaming vehicle to help King escape. Hill, a Georgia Department of Transportation employee who was driving a state vehicle, ran toward the car with a fire extinguisher. Moore, a retired fire fighter and current paramedic, arrived on the scene just as Hill was attempting to pull King out of the car with flames growing by the second. Moore quickly assisted Hill, and the two men cut open the airbag, unbuckled King, and carried her to safety. 

“Just as we got her out, flames starting coming into the car,” said Hill. “I don’t believe she would have made it out of the car on her own.”

“We got there at the right time,” said Moore. “She probably would have died in the car had we gotten there later.”

Sheriff Markley also noted that the brave efforts of these men saved King’s life and the life of her unborn child. 

“If these two wouldn’t haven’t acted she would have burned to death in the car,” said Markley. “They definitely changed the course of her future by their actions.”

King was transported to Rockdale Piedmont Hospital. The Morgan County Citizen could not reach King for comment by press time on Tuesday, Dec. 18. 

Moore noted that at least 10 people had also stopped to offer help while he and Hill  freed King from the burning vehicle. 

“We got there first, but there were a lot of people stopping and wanting to help—lots of good people out there ready to do the same,” said Moore.  

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