My most memorable Christmas

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By Angela Wilson

My favorite Christmas as a child was the Christmas of 1969. I was seven years old.  My family and I lived in Douglas, Coffee County, Georgia.  It was Christmas Eve morning.  My mother informed me and my brother and sister that the family would be spending Christmas at my paternal grandmother’s house.  My dad’s sister and her two daughters were there also.  My grandmother’s name was Leressie Wilson.  We called her Lee.  Well, we packed up and went across town to her house.  When we arrived, Lee was in the kitchen cooking.  My mom jumped right in beside side her.  Lee was busying cooking dishes for Christmas day.  My mom started on the cakes and pies.  She baked all day and night.  In the living room, Lee had a snow white Christmas tree with red satin ornaments and red and white lights.  It was beautiful.  My cousins and I bounced around all night long watching television.  We finally went to bed and arose early Christmas morning to see what Santa had left for us.  We were all so happy and giggly.  We played a while and then got dressed so that we could go outside and try out some of those new toys.  We were called inside to eat dinner.  The china cabinet in the dining room was decked out with nine different cakes that my mother baked the day before.  The dining room table was half filled with all kinds of pies.  The Family ate Food, had Fun and Fellowshipped with other family members and friends.  This was one of the most memorable Christmas’ of my life.  


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