MCHS spruces up with ‘Deck the Halls’

Brittany Whitley News

‘Tis the season for cheery lights and luminously dec- orated trees. e eager students of Morgan Coun- ty High School decided to deck the halls in a new way this year with their Festi- val of Trees initiative that began right before anks- giving break and ended Wednesday of last week.

Project Deck the Halls: Festival of Trees is what they called it and is a result of the school’s Project Based Learning curriculum. All students were invited to participate; some partici- pated with their clubs and organizations and others as groups. Organizations and clubs funded the purchase of naked trees to be used while others brought trees from home.

e project required the participants to use team- work and creativity to dec- orate trees that would even- tually end up in the homes of those who were unable to purchase trees of their own. ere were about 30 decked trees in total.

To encourage the stu-dents’ craftsmanship, theproject was treated as a con-test where fellow studentsand members of the com-munity were able to votefor their favorite tree or theone they felt most closelyrepresented the group whodecorated it. e Psychol-ogy class took rst place,the basketball team and IB

Math tied for second place, and the lunchroom team came in third.

ose receiving the trees were decided upon by the faculty, sta , and counsel- ors and were given to the families before Christmas.

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