Out with the old and in with the new

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“When the staff first wheeled me in to the new hospital this morning I felt like I was in a hotel!” exclaimed Carolyn Stewart, a retired Middle School teacher who was the first patient to be admitted to the new Morgan Medical Center. 

On Wednesday, Dec. 19, hospital leaders transferred patients into the new $35 million hospital and officially closed the doors of Morgan Memorial Hospital, which was established in 1959. Thirteen patients were moved from the old Morgan Memorial Hospital into the brand new Morgan Medical Center, a bittersweet milestone for hospital leaders. 

Ralph Castillo, hospital CEO, welcomed patients and staff into the hospital. 

“It is my honor and my privilege on behalf of Morgan County, Georgia hospital authority to declare Morgan Medical Center open,” said Castillo. “This is a great day for our community and it’s been a long day coming.  In Feb. of 2013, the hospital authority tasked us with modernizing our facilities. We looked at renovation versus replacement and it turns out it was cheaper to replace our hospital than to modernize our existing facility…It was a long process, but wallah, here we are today.”

The new hospital more than doubles the size of the old hospital, as well as features modern upgrades to the equipment inside. Morgan Medical Center is about 74,000 square-feet and filled with top-of-the-line medical equipment.

Castillo reminded the crowd of how Morgan Medical Center will enhance the lives of its patients and the community as a whole. 

“What this hospital means to this community is the corner stone of the quality of life,” said Castillo. “It’s also an economic engine.  When new businesses want to look at relocating into new communities, healthcare is one of the big things they look for, but the most important thing we do here is take care of people. A modern facility enables us to do much better what we already did at Morgan Memorial Hospital…we strive to do good work.” 

According to Castillo, the new hospital was designed to complement the history and style of Madison. 

“One of the things that we asked the architects when we were planning and designing the building is to make it reflective of the community—the antebellum nature of the community, as well as making it timeless,” said Castillo.  “We captured that very well.”

The last patient to be transferred to the new hospital praised the level of care she received from Morgan Memorial Hospital and was excited to continue that care at the new hospital. 

“This is the fifth time that I’ve chosen to come to Madison for therapy services, the second time this year.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else.  The food is excellent, and the new hospital is absolutely fabulous!  I love the putting green and wish I’d brought my golf clubs to get some play time in,” said Laurel Colton, a Rockdale resident. 

Castillo encouraged the public to come and see the new hospital for themselves. 

“This hospital belongs to everyone,” said Castillo. “On the road to this new hospital, there were some detractors, so to speak, but we invite those people to experience the new Morgan Medical Center.”

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