Fatality on Highway 441

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

An Athens woman was killed in fatal car crash on the 441 Madison Bypass near Sandy Creek Road in Morgan County on Sunday, Dec. 23. 

Judy Anne Sellers, 53, was found dead in her Black Dodge Pick-up Truck after suffering a head-on collision with a Blue Honda Accord. The driver of Honda was airlifted to Piedmont Athens Regions with serious injuries. 

According to the Madison Police Department, Oconee County alerted Morgan County Dispatch of a black pick-up truck driving recklessly headed south on 441 toward Madison. 

“They advised that the vehicle was travelling in excess of the posted speed limit and passing vehicles in no passing zones,” wrote Officer Justin Davis, a City of Madison police officer who worked the scene. According to Oconee County Dispatch, they received eight or nine calls reporting the Sellers’ pickup truck for reckless driving. 

“I assisted EMS prep to extricate a female from her vehicle, a blue Honda Accord, by setting up the stretcher and backboard while they tended to the patient. It was also discovered the driver of the black Dodge pickup was deceased,” wrote Davis. 

According to the official accident report, Sellers was travelling south on Athens Highway (GA 24/441) and the driver of the blue Honda Accord was travelling north. 

Sellers  “was attempting to overtake a vehicle that was to its front and entered the northbound lane of travel.” Both drives slammed their brakes and swerved to avoid the collision, but it was too late. Sellers skid “approximately 193 feet” before striking the front end of the blue Honda Accord. The pickup truck rotated counter clockwise and travelled “approximately 13 feet before coming to a final uncontrolled rest in both lanes of travel while facing in a northeaster direction. After impact [the blue Honda Accord] travelled backwards and completely onto the east shoulder of Athens Highway for approximately 58 feet before coming to a final uncontrolled rest.”

According to the report, Sellers “succumbed to her injuries while on scene” and still inside her vehicle. 

 The report also notes that no alcohol, drugs, or cellphone–use while driving were involved in the crash. 

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