Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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On Jan. 5 a terroristic threats and acts and harassing phone calls complaint was filed at a Apalachee Road residence. According to reports, a woman said she had received several phone calls from a man she did not know. The complainant recorded the calls and gave the deputy the number. She had recorded several of the calls and, reports state, in one of the calls the man threatens to come to her house and “cut her head off.” The woman said she was uncomfortable staying at the residence until the situation was resolved.

On Jan. 6 an unruly child complaint was filed at a Speed Lane residence. According to reports, a man alleged that when he entered his 16-year-old step-daughter’s room he found marijuana, drug paraphernalia, a vape, cigarettes and multiple cell phones. The man said as he was entering the room the daughter tried to stop him and he got in a “tugging” match with the unknown cell phone and the girl was pushed away and fell to the floor. The man said he forced the girl out of the room and closed and locked the door and found the other items. Reports also state that a physical confrontation occurred between the step-father and the daughter after the daughter attempted to leave the residence and the man attempted to grab a bag she was taking. 

On Jan. 4 Zachary Noel Hawk, 21, Madison was arrested and charged with receipt, possession or transfer of firearm by convicted felon, probation violation, weapons violation and miscellaneous offenses. According to reports, four investigators from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office and two probation officers went to Hawk’s Mission Road residence to serve a probation search which, reports state, “resulted in the arrest of Zachary Hawk.” No other information is available on the arrest.

On Jan. 4 a fraudulent activity complaint was filed at a Apalachee River Road, Buckhead. According to reports, a man said he went to an AT&T store to purchase a phone plan and was told that he would have to pay an outstanding Direct TV balance of $709.97 before he could get phone service. The complainant said he had never had Direct TV service but suggested that when he moved out of a Reids Ferry Road house the man moving in was a Direct TV employee and might have used his information to create an account.

On Jan. 4 Michael Allan Bailey, 20, Buckhead, was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property, possession of drug related items and possession of marijuana. According to reports, Bailey was arrested after a deputy performed a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Bailey after the white Jeep Wrangler Bailey was driving matched photos a man had taken of a similar vehicle allegedly damaging property off Indian Creek Road. Reports state that while the deputy was attempting to perform a traffic stop, the Jeep initially refused to yield. Consequent to the traffic stop the deputy reportedly told Bailey that he had photographs of the Jeep pushing over a fence on Indian Creek Road on at least two occasions. A search of the vehicle found “marijuana residue all over the floor boards through the vehicle and in the dashboard storage area, a small glass container with one blue solid pyramid shape substance int he dashboard storage area, and cigarette cellophane wrapper with six suspected marijuana roaches… a suspected homemade smoking device for narcotics… (and) a clear plastic container with suspected urine in it.” Bailey told the officer the urine was reserved because he has to take urinalysis at the probation office.

On Jan. 4 Phillipe Montrell Thomas, 29, Madison was arrested and charged with obstruction of law enforcement officers. Jasmine Aycock, 27, Monticello was arrested and charged with failing to yield to law enforcement and failure to maintain lane. According to reports, a deputy reported that he allegedly observed Thomas as a passenger in a green Ford Explorer driven by Aycock on Atlanta Highway near Hanover Drive and had knowledge that Thomas had a felony probation warrant against him. Reports state that the deputy attempted to stop the Explorer but that the vehicle allegedly failed to yield but eventually stopped near the Wynbrooke subdivision. During the stop, reports state, Thomas allegedly leapt from the vehicle and ran into a wooded area where he was detained and arrested by several deputies. 

On Jan. 3 Cory Michael Autry, 28, Newborn was arrested and charged on an outstanding probation warrant for possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. According to reports, a deputy said he was parked at the intersection of Davis Academy Road and Old Mill Road when he observed a Honda Civic driven by Autry with no registration. The deputy said consequent to a stop dispatch alerted him that Autry was wanted out of Walton County. Autry was arrested and transported to the Morgan/Walton County line where a Walton County deputy took delivery of Autry.

On Jan. 3 a trespass complaint was filed at Rainbow Food Store, Athens Highway. According to reports, a deputy was dispatched to the store regarding threats. Reports state that a woman at the store alleged that another woman entered the store and accused her of “sleeping with her husband.” The woman also told the complainant that if she found out that the allegation was true she was going to report the alleged activity to the complainant’s husband. Next, reports state, the woman’s son then entered the store and confronted the woman with inflammatory language before leaving the store. The son then allegedly “turned doughnuts in the parking lot and left.” The deputy then left the store and drove to the Apalachee Road address of the woman and her son and while driving to the address observed a green Jeep Cherokee “coming down the highway at a high rate of speed blowing the horn.” Two women in the Jeep reported that they were coming to confront the son. The deputy advised the two persons to leave and they did. He then issued the woman and her son a criminal trespass notice to stay away from the store. The two women were also issued criminal trespass notices to stay away from the Apalachee Road address.

On Jan. 2 a trespass complaint was filed at a Plantation Road residence. According to reports, a woman reported that her son had brought a homeless woman home and she did not want the woman at the residence.

On Jan. 1 a simple battery and obstruction complaint was filed at a Double Bridge Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that her son had struck her on the face. Deputies arrived and could not locate the woman. The woman arrived an hour after deputies had arrived and alleged that the son had slapped her. However, she said the son was suffering from mental problems and did not want him arrested. The woman promised that she would seek mental counseling for the son the following day.

On Jan. 1 Heather Nicole Reagin, 34, Madison was arrested and charged with criminal trespass, felony obstruction, felony interference with government property, and misdemeanor obstruction. According to reports, deputies responded to a trespass complaint at a Davis Academy Road residence. When they arrived, reports state, a deputy allegedly observed Reagin at the back of the house. Reagin initially ran, reports allege, but stopped and placed her hands on the hood of a patrol car. However, reports state, when Reagin observed another woman at the residence she allegedly began to curse and yell at the woman and started to walk towards her. A deputy stopped her and struggled to place her in handcuffs and placed her in a patrol car where she allegedly began to rub her muddy shoes over the seat. She also complained of a handcuff being too tight and while the deputy was attempting to adjust the cuff she allegedly struggled with him and caused a scrape on the deputies hand. Later, she allegedly kicked at a metal partition on the back window of the patrol car, damaging the metal. The complainant alleged that Reagin came to his residence after being told not to and shattered a front glass door in an attempt to enter the residence.

On Dec. 31 Ashley Nicole Hawkins, 21, Loganville, was arrested and charged with reckless driving, speeding and operating without headlights. According to reports, a deputy reportedly clocked Hawkins driving 97 mph on Bostwick Highway near Speed Lane during a rainy and overcast morning. Consequent to the traffic stop the deputy also located and destroyed two vape pens in the vehicle.

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