GBI makes arrest

Staff Written News

By Patrick Yost


The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) has issued an aggravated assault warrant against a Mansfield man who allegedly fired several shots outside Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley’s residence.

According to Chief Deputy Keith Howard, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Gary Daniel Mullins, Jr., 47, was arrested and detained on Jan. 9, the same day he was released from a mental evaluation facility. He is currently being detained in the Newton County Detention Center, in part, Howard said, because “We didn’t want any perception that we would mistreat him because he shot at the sheriff.”

On Dec. 26 Markley was standing outside his work vehicle in the driveway of his Old Mill residence when, at noon, Mullins allegedly drove by and fired four gunshots. Markley followed Mullins to the intersection of Davis Academy and Old Mill Road where Mullins pulled into the parking lot of a cemetery. At the time, Howard said, “Observations and communications with the individual led to the individual being transported for mental health evaluation.”

Howard said Tuesday that Markley had previous conservations with Mullins regarding allegations Mullins had made and was “familiar” with Mullins. 

Reports state that a pistol was located in Mullins’ vehicle and was confiscated at the scene. After Mullins stopped his vehicle, Markley engaged Mullins and eventually detained him for transportation to a mental health facility.

“While Sheriff Markley and the deputies off the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office do not tolerate violence against others, Sheriff Markley’s actions demonstrate the importance of tactical safety showing that it is possible for an officer to be tactically safe using best practices while also using (techniques) to more effectively communicate with others during stressful situations,” Howard said after the detention of Mullins.

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