Capitol Steps at MMCC draws crowd

Staff Written News

By Brittny Whitley 

and Tia Lynn Ivey

staff writers

A popular production swept through Morgan County last week. Capitol Steps, a musical satire troupe, performed at the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center last weekend. 

As previously reported in the Morgan County Citizen, Capitol Steps was founded in 1981 by several senate staffers under Senator Charles Percy when their ideas of entertainment for a Christmas party took a comical turn for the best. Today, the group is made up of 28 former Congressional professionals who have collectively worked a total of 62 years in the House and Senate within 18 Congressional offices. 

“The Capitol Steps have brought non-stop laughs to audiences all over the country,” said Event Director Rebecca Doolittle. “They are a comedy troupe that makes fun of both sides of the aisle. What better way to start out your new year than with a little light-hearted humor? Thanks to our Ruby sponsors: Alla & Charles Campbell.”

The show did not disappoint. According to MMCC officials, the packed audience was thoroughly entertained, bursting into raucous laughter throughout the performance. Capitol Steps named themselves after Washington, D.C.’s hottest scandal in 1981 between Rita Jenrette and her ex-husband, former representative John Jenrette as they bring an indiscriminative humor to the heavy topic of politics.  

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