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Madison Police Department

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On Feb. 2 an information report was filed at Morgan County Primary School. According to reports, an officer was called to the school at 7:30 p.m. in response to an unresponsive person. Reports state that the office met with the unresponsive person’s daughter at the school who told the officer she believed the unresponsive woman had overdosed. The officer located the woman in a classroom lying next to a desk. The officer attempted to revive the woman with sternum rubs but got no response. The officer then administered 4mg of Narcan in the woman’s nose to counteract any effects of narcotics. A few seconds after the Narcon was administered the woman became conscious. Reports state that at this time EMS workers had arrived and began tending to the woman. The woman’s husband arrived and told officers the woman had left their house earlier in the day upset and said she was going to the school to “complete some work.” The woman, he said, did not respond to telephone calls and he had another school employee meet him at the school and let him in. He said he entered the classroom through an adjoining storage closet and found his unconscious wife. Reports state that the woman allegedly took four Hydrocodone tablets. An officer also located two bottles of wine on the desk, one completely empty and one partially empty. While officers and paramedics were at the school the school principal arrived and took possession of the woman’s keys. The woman was not charged with any crime and was transported to a medical facility.

On Jan. 27 Javonte D. Dumas, 18, Madison was arrested and charged with speeding, possession of marijuana and violation of intermediate license. According to reports, an officer stopped Dumas for allegedly driving 53 mph on South Main Street (a 35 mph zone). Consequent to the stop, reports state, the officer noted a smell of marijuana coming from the car. Dumas allegedly produced a small bag of suspected marijuana from his back pocket. The officer informed Dumas that he was going to search the vehicle and, reports state, Dumas told the officer there was another small bag of marijuana in the center console of the vehicle. That bag, too, was seized and the vehicle was towed.

On Feb. 3 an information report was filed at Silver Lakes Apartment, Fifth Street. According to reports, a woman alleged that a man sent her a threatening text message. The woman said a man sent her a picture of her vehicle in the apartment complex parking lot and then stent a text stating she “didn’t know what kind of twisted (expletive) she had (expletive) off.” The woman also said the man insinuated that he was “bringing hell with him to get her.” The woman said she had recently been having sexual relations with the man until approximately six months ago when the relationship ended after the woman allegedly told the man’s wife about the relationship and the man became angry that the information had been shared with his wife.

On Jan. 31 a harassment complaint was filed at a Vine Street residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that the father of her son had sent her text messages. The woman said she moved to Madison from New Hampshire to get away from the man, in part, because of past physical confrontation, and that the man was now sending her messages of him holding a gun and suggesting that he is in Buford, Ga.

On Jan. 31 a theft by taking complaint was filed at Auto 1, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a man alleged that someone took a red wire welder from the bed of his pickup truck. The welder is valued at $100.

On Jan. 30 Frances E. Calhoun, 52, Buford was arrested and charged with shoplifting. According to reports, an employee alleged that she observed Calhoun place $78.76 in her purse. Reports state that Calhoun then paid for several items in a cart but not the items in the purse. She was stopped leaving the store. She was also issued with a criminal trespass warning to stay away from Wal Mart for a year.

On Jan. 30 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at Crowe’s BBQ, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a man alleged that someone had attempted to enter the business by breaking pieces of a concrete block wall. An officer observed several pieces of concrete on the ground at the rear of the business. 

On Jan 29 an information report was filed at Travel Center of America, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a driver reported that someone had entered the back of his trailer. The driver said a security strip on the trailer’s doors had been removed but nothing appeared to be missing.

On Jan. 28 a vehicle fire report was filed at Goody’s, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman said she drove behind Goody’s to smoke and while she was attempting to light the cigarette, she dropped the cigarette and it fell and caused a book to catch fire. Th woman said she threw the book into the rear seat and attempted to extinguish the flames but failed.

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