Deputy shoots attacking dog

Staff Written News

By Patrick Yost


A Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputy is undergoing preventative treatment for rabies after he was bitten by a Pit Bull dog after he responded to a 911 call at a Mission Road residence Tuesday, Feb. 5. The deputy shot and killed the dog, reports state.

Deputy Rick Feathers, video shows, shot the dog one time as the dog hung onto the deputies arm during the 9 p.m. incident. Reports state that Feathers and Deputy William Charles had arrived at the residence in response to a “suspicious vehicle” complaint at a Mission Road residence. 

The deputies arrived and approached the residence that made the call and while walking in the back yard area the dog attacked. Feathers, video shows, yelled at the dog while it was running towards him in an aggressive manner and the dog grabbed his left arm with its mouth and was shot once “to get the dog to release its teeth from Deputy Feathers’ arm” with Feathers .40 caliber service handgun.

Reports state that the deputies were responding to a woman who called Morgan County Dispatch regarding an “suspicious” vehicle parked next door to the residence. 

The woman told deputies that the vehicle had driven away after she called 911 and prior to the officers arriving.

“We regret the situation,” said Chief Deputy Keith Howard. “They called for our assistance and we got there and it turned into an unfortunate situation.’

Howard said the dog had recently had a litter of puppies. “We feel terrible about it. That dog was doing nothing more than protecting its puppies and protecting its family. It’s regrettable.”

The dog was transported to an animal hospital, reports state, but died from the gunshot wound.

Reports state that the family told officers that the dog was current on rabies vaccinations but, on Monday, Feb. 11, records had not been produced and Deputy Feathers began rabies treatment.

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