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Madison Police Department

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On Feb. 15 Racara T. Liberty, 29, Blue Island, Il. was arrested and charged with obstruction, theft by taking and giving false name to an officer. Walter Allen, 26, Lawrenceville, Ga. was arrested and charged with theft by taking and obstruction. According to reports, an officer observed a vehicle parked near the entrance to Complete Auto Sales. The officer turned and saw the vehicle leave and turn left on Dixie Highway. Reports state that the officer drove 90 mph on Dixie Highway attempting to catch the vehicle and, near Wilson Road, the vehicle stopped and the officer approached. Reports allege that Allen was driving and told the officer he had no identification and, allegedly, misidentified Racara who made no effort to correct. The officer also noted that he located multiple pieces of mail belonging to Bard Manufacturing, which is located near Complete Auto Sales, in the vehicle. A Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputy reported that he located mail belonging to Flambeau Manufacturing, the Georgia State Patrol and Bard on the roadway on the route Allen had driven.

On Feb. 12 a forgery complaint was filed at Alliance Corrugated, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman reported that someone had forged a $5,113 check and cashed the check. Reports state that the complainant said that the check had been made out to a vendor but had been cashed by an individual. Reports state that the check appeared to have been manufactured with correct account and routing numbers but did not match the company’s design. The complainant surmised that someone may have stolen the check and then recreated it so the individual could cash the check.

On Feb. 13 a fraud complaint was filed at a Carriage Lane residence. According to reports, a woman reported that a person she met on Linkedin was supposedly a referral from a friend offering the woman a job. The woman said the man required $3,500 for supplies allegedly including software and a printer. The woman placed the money in a bank account and then the man asked for an additional $400 which the woman provided on I Tunes gift cards. In total the man took $3,900, reports state.

On Feb. 13 an information report was filed at a Four Lakes Drive residence. According to reports, a man said his estranged wife had come to his property twice even though he forbid her from entering his property. The man was advised to have a good behavior hearing to address the issue.

On Feb. 13 a simple battery complaint was filed at a Harper Street residence. According to reports, a 17-year-old girl alleged that after she had a fight with her father, her brother grabbed her from behind as she was walking toward the family van and held her against her will. The teen said her father took her school-issued computer away from her after he accused her of using it for inappropriate applications. The teen said this angered her and she took the van keys and was leaving the residence. The father told an officer that he had taken the computer away because the teen was using Skype on the computer. The brother, he said, was attempting to stop her from leaving in the van, in part, because she does not have a driver’s license. The next day, reports state, the teen allegedly pushed her brother after he moved her clothes. The teen left the residence and was located by a Madison Police Department officer walking on North Main Street.

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