Growing our workforce through the WBL program

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Growing our workforce through the Morgan County High School Work Based Learning (WBL) program:

Question and Answer session with Piedmont Equine Associates-Angie Sims and high school student intern, Bailey Shultz-

1: How has the Work Based Learning program provided a service to Piedmont Equine Associates?

Bailey Shultz is a senior at Morgan County High School.  Bailey is an intern during one of our busiest times of the year as well as busiest times of the day from 7:30-9:00am. 

2: Do you find value in hosting a Work Based Learning Internship Program?

Absolutely!  Through this internship Bailey will gain an understanding of our practice and veterinary medicine in general.   Hopefully, she will be able to pass her experiences along to her peers as well as the community.   We find it important to be able to educate high school students through our doctors and technicians.  This knowledge base and direct line of communication with professionals assists the students in making their own decisions about future plans in our profession.  

3: Do you believe that Work Based Learning provides a direct workforce pipeline to local business and industries here in Morgan County and how does it feel to be training the next generation of workers here in Morgan County?

Yes. The closest post-secondary veterinary technician program is through Athens Technical College, but specialized training in equine medicine is limited in most programs.  Piedmont Equine strives to train interns through the Work Based Learning program in day to day operations, services provided, as well as techniques used to care for equine patients which will enhance their education.  We have the opportunity to mold students before they reach the daily workforce, but more importantly we can assist them in determining their own route for further education in veterinary medicine or related fields.

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