Morgan real estate sales top $11 million

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Feb. 27, 2019

• Garnett A. Fisher of Lilburn,  to Crown Ridge Homes, LLC of Rutledge, 1091 Madison Lakes Parkway, Madison, $40,000.

• RBC Homes, LLC of Madison to Kayla N. Borders of Madison, 2011 Clack Road, Madison, 2.13 acres, $257,943.

• Michael Hawkins of Dunwoody,  to Valerie S. Alfieri of Buckhead, 1791 Sugar Creek Trail, Buckhead, $461,950.

• Shirley L. Almand of Madison to John A. Branon, Jr. of Buckhead 556 East Avenue, Madison, $47,000.

• Troy J. Bryant of Madison to Melody Jane Oglesby of Madison 1312 Pinecrest Court, Madison, $195,650.

Feb. 28, 2019

• Franklin Kempton Mooney of Brooklyn, N.Y. to Robert Cobb of Madison, Godfrey Road, 048/011A, 10 acres, $85,000.

• Ivis A. Santos of Rutledge to Cassandra Pittman of Rutledge, 1140 Academy Lane, $120,000.

• Cathy H. Savolt of Buckhead to Ann Ponder Gwathney of Buckhead, 1881 Sugar Creek Trail, Buckhead, $700,000.

March 1, 2019

• RBC Homes, LLC of Madison to Samuel H. Hollis, IV of Madison, 1257 Four Lakes Drive, Madison, 0.56 acre, $252,900.

• David G. Newton of Griffin,  to Allison L. Ford of Loganville, , Godfrey Road, Madison, 76.602 acres, $472,628.

• Richard A. Jackson of Madison to Casey R. Doss of Madison, 2641 Fears Road, Madison, 2.43 acres, $144,000.

• Franklin Kempton Mooney, Jr. of Brooklyn, N.Y. to Richard Allan Sexton of Madison, Indian Creek Road, Madison, 15.2 acres, $114,000.

March 5, 2019

• Robert Scott Watkins of Madison to David Eric Moore of Canton, , Heidi Trail, Buckhead, $27,000.

• Hubert L. Martin and Geneva Martin of Eatonton,  to Billy D. Short and Sabrina A. Short of Monroe, , Heidi Trail Oconee Shores Lot 1 and Heidi Trail Oconee Shores Lot 2, Buckhead, $40,000.

• Walton Georgia, LLC of Scottsdale, Ariz. to Pie-Chen Cheng of Scottsdale, Ariz., 2731 Eatonton Road, Madison, $10,000.

March 7, 2019

• William Manos of Madison to Michael J. Becker of Madison, 460 Academy Street, Madison, 0.84 acre, $805,000.

• Candler Lane Rental, LLC of Madison to William Manos of Madison, 512 Candler Lane, Madison, $330,000.

• Housatonic Property Group, LLC of Rutledge to Thomas Preston Investments, LLC of Madison, 1231 Monticello Highway, Madison, $1,600,000.

March 8, 2019

• Darrell E. Mullins of Rutledge to Brandilyn E. Cathey of Madison, 1024 Sulgrave Drive, Madison, $255,000.

• Madison Traditional Development, LLC of Madison to RBC Homes, LLC of Madison, 743 Markhams Dr., Madison, $35,000.

• Madison Traditional Development, LLC of Madison to RBC Homes, LLC of Madison, 751 Markhams Dr., Madison, $35,000.

• Christine D. Lambert of Madison to Downtown Development Authority of Madison, 762 North Main Street, Madison, $90,898.

• Josh Evans of Newborn to James S. Ball of Madison, 1210 Ponder Pines Road, Madison, 141.07 acres, $727,000.

• Hubert Whitley of Madison to William McCall Mitchell of Madison, 1370 Shockley Road, Madison, $115,000.

March 11, 2019

• Herron Real Estate Holdings, LLC of Greensboro,  to Bostick Bowers Padgett, LTD of Jackson, , 1860 Eatonton Road, Madison, $2,270,000.

• James S. Mayes of Warrenton,  to Thomas Wagner of Rutledge, 4631 Brownwood Road, Rutledge, $489,000.

March 12, 2019

• Hidden Falls Development, LLC of Madison to Brandon Lynn Stooksbury of Rutledge, 131 Spring Creek Drive, 1.11 acres, Rutledge, $314,900.

• William W. Crawford of Cumming,  to James Christopher Smith of Madison, 2841 Doster Road, 12 acres, Madison, $120,000

• Anne M. Bernstein Revocable Living Trust of Athens,  to Crown Ridge Homes, LLC of Rutledge, VFW Lane, Madison, $38,000.

• Farmers and Merchants Bank of Conyers,  to Iron Horse Developments, LLC of Monroe, , Madison, $30,000.

• Roger D. Simmons of Marietta,  to Larry J. Morgan of Monroe, , 766 East Avenue, 5.65 acres, Madison, $872,000.

• Jimmy Wallace of Madison to PDR Farms, LLC of Madison, 1644 Pierce Dairy Road, 7.66 acres, Madison, $80,000.

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