TSPLOST approved

Staff Written News

By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

Morgan County voters have spoken, passing a new sales tax by a 10 percent margin with 395 votes (55 percent) for and 319 votes (45 percent) against on Tuesday, Mar. 19 during a special election. The vote had a 5.3 percent turnout of active voters in Morgan County.

TSPLOST (a Transportation Special Project Local Option Sales Tax) is another one-penny sales tax proposed to garner more revenue exclusively to fund transportation-related projects and expenses, such as road repairs, paving, and maintenance, as well as purchasing and maintaining equipment and buildings used for transportation needs. 

According to County Manager Adam Mestres, TSPLOST is expected to bring in $18 million over the course of five years. Over $12 million of those revenues would be used by the county, while the rest would be distributed between the City of Madison, Rutledge, Bostwick and the Town of Buckhead.  

The city of Madison’s share of projected revenues from TSPLOST is expected to be 21.9 percent, which would amount to about $3.8 million, according to the IGA. “We believe this is a very conservative estimate,” said City Manager David Nunn, who noted in the past, sales tax projections aimed too high and brought in less than anticipated. 

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