‘Do Tell!’ storytelling festival a big success

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By Brittany Whitley

staff writer

For six years the Madison Morgan Cultural Center wove the community together through the Do Tell! Storytelling Festival, and the success of the 7th Annual Storytelling Festival held last weekend reflects that through the numbers with almost 600 attendees present. 

“Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms still in existence today,” MMCC Executive Director Kim Brown said, “and we love the idea of keeping the art of writing and telling stories and creating programming opportunities for families of all ages to come together and share this experience. The Storytelling Festival was always intended to be an annual event and we knew it would take several years to build a following. Storytelling Festivals have an ever growing and devoted audience.” 

Renowned Storytellers Kevin Kling, Andy Offut Irwin, Rev. Robert Jones, and Kim Weitkamp used their various talents of theatre, music, and comedy to bring both imaginative tales and personal experiences to life for their audiences. 

“Tellers are selected with different genres and styles in mind allowing us to ensure we have something to appeal to everyone,” Brown expressed. 

“The finale was incredible this year; we have received more letters and calls of compliment than ever before!”

The Knox Foundation and Law Firm of O. Elizabeth Bell sponsored this year’s festival.

“We deeply appreciate the support of our community and this program …that attracts attendees from multiple states and all over Georgia which allows us to contribute to tourism and economic development by bringing people to shop and stay in Madison and Morgan County and also creates an audience which will come back again every year,” Brown said.

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