Madison Police Department

Madison Police Department

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On March 20 a forgery complaint was filed at a Lion’s Club Road location. According to reports, a woman advised that someone had created and forged company checks and had cashed three checks for a total of $1,449.44. Reports state that the checks were cashed at a Publix and at Heritage Bank in Burlington, Ky. 

On March 21 Arthur Ree King, 61, Washington, Ga. was citied with shoplifting and criminal trespass. According to reports, an employee at Wal mart, Eatonton Road, alleged that King took a knife from the shelf and removed the knife from packaging. He then allegeldy used the knive to cut a security cord from a cell phone for sale and attempted to discard the phone after the phone’s alarm activated.

On March 19 an identity fraud complaint was filed at a Micha Way location. According to reports, a man said someone had attempted to use his identity to open a Chase credit card. The man received a notice that the card request had been denied because some information could not be verified.

On March 18 a financial transaction card fraud complaint was filed at Travel Centers of America, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee reported that on two occassions a man used a Royal Bank of Canada Visa card to pump $200 worth of diesel into a blue semi-truck. The employee said three days after the man had pumped the gas, he received a notice from the Royal Bank of Canada stating that the customer had disputed the charges and that the money was going to be returned from Travel Center’s accounts to the customer. The man said since the business was not using “chip” technology in its pumps, it could not dispute the claim.

On March 18 a tampering with a publc utility complaint was filed at a Arbor Court residence. According to reports, a city officer stated that on March 5 water service at the residence was terminated for lack of payment. However, On March 7 a city employee reported that someone had filed down a locking  device so that water could be surreptitiously turned back on. After the entire meter was removed to prevent theft of water, a city employee on March 18 checked on the residence and alleged that someone had used some type of temporay pipe to skirt both the missing meter and authorities. Evidence of Teflon tape was found at the scene. Officers attempted to rouse someone at the resdience but were unsuccessful.

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