Rutledge opens ‘motherload’ of water well

Staff Written News

By Sarah Wibell

staff writer

Rutledge Mayor and City Council announced that the new well on Fears Road began operating this month. At a recent city council meeting on, Mayor Bruce Altznauer stated, “We flipped the switch (on March 15). Everything went just as planned. Our water is pumping just like we wanted it…We’re filling up the tank. EPA approved it, and they were great about it…We’ve now got the motherload. We’re very, very proud of our well. We’ve been told we have one of the best in the state right now, especially in this area here.”

This well is now the primary well for Rutledge. “The neat part about this well – the biggest part – is we’re no longer obligated to buy water from Madison,” Altznauer noted. “It’s still available to us. Madison has been very nice about it (and) David Nunn – he’s been very good about it”

Formerly contractually obligated to purchase 18K gallons of water a day from Madison, Rutledge will now only be billed for any usage. Altznauer added, “our usage should drop way down and it will drop way down. They’re also talking about putting in another meter – another check valve – so we could supply water to them…It’s a win-win for both the City of Rutledge and the City of Madison.”

The artesian well was constructed by Marty Boyd, an engineer with Carter and Sloope, and was a long time coming.

“It’s an artesian well, so when  we’re not pumping the water runs underground down into the (azuafer),” Altznauer said. “We’re trying to keep that to a minimum. We do that by cycling the pump on and off and also by slowing the pump down.”

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