Family seeks answers after beloved pet shot

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By Patrick Yost


A Buckhead man is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person or persons involved with the death of his family’s beloved pet German Shorthair Pointer ‘Hershel.’

According to Morgan Estates resident Miller Allen, the dog went missing on March 20 after Miller’s wife Connie had let Herschel, “Zeke” and a Golden Retriever ‘Sadie” out of the house around lunchtime. Miller says soon after the dogs were released, “Zeke” returned out of breath and “struck to her side… that usually means he’s up to no good,” Miller says.

Hershel never returned and Connie spent the rest of the day canvassing the neighborhood. She gave up at midnight but later drove on Interstate 20 (Morgan Estates is located near the interstate) searching for Hershel.

On Friday, March 22 Miller came home from a business trip and searched, especially on Interstate 20, in part, he says, because other neighbors have lost dogs hit by vehicles on the interstate. “I was hoping not to see him smashed… but also wondering… “he says.

Miller then produced flyers offering a $500 reward for the return of Hershel. He distributed the flyers in the Buckhead area and taped some to idle Department of Transportation tractors sitting on the side of the interstate on the weekend. On Monday Miller received a text message from a DOT worker reporting that he had found a dead, bloated dog that matched Herschel’s description on the side of the interstate between the 126 mile marker and the 126.5 mile marker.

Miller confirmed from a photo that the dog was Herschel. “He was found by a DOT worker and a hell of a good man,” Miller says. He says he offered the man the reward but the man refused.

“He sent me a picture of the dog, I had to study it for several minutes because the dog was so bloated.”

Miller’s son Mitchell and a friend collected the carcass. An examination revealed a gunshot wound on the left shoulder that exited near the right leg. Miller had an outside authority review photos of the carcass and that man estimated that the dog was shot from close range and from above. It was, he says, “a downward trajectory. That would have been a close shot, that’s is what I see.”

A Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputy is reviewing the evidence and has spoken with some Morgan Estates residents.

But Miller says more needs to be done.

Miller believes the dog was killed near the neighborhood and dumped on the interstate. “I have no doubt he was dumped out there. He was carried through the woods, I’m all but certain,” he says.

“Some SOB shot my dog.”

Miller hopes the reward brings people with information leading to the death of his family’s pet forward. “That dog meant so much to me,” he says. “I know somebody knows something….

For more information on the reward, contact Miller at 404 406 7475.

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