System gets high marks from accreditation group

Staff Written News

By Patrick Yost


The Morgan County Charter School System exceeded average scores on all categories during a recent review by AdvancedEd..

According to Jay Homan, assistant superintendent, Morgan County Charter School System, the group spent three days reviewing practices and protocols of the Morgan County system and conducted interviews with more than 200 people, including school administrators, teachers, parents and members of the community at-large.

According to prepared materials at Monday’s Morgan County Board of Education meeting, AdvancedEd is a “global leader in providing continuous improvement and accreditation services  to over 32,000 institutions serving 20 million students worldwide.

Working from a baseline average of 1.5 out of a total of 4 points with all school systems reviewed by AdvancedEd, Morgan exceeded every category. In equitable learning the system scored 2.93. High expectations 3.12; supportive learning 3.67; active learning 3.23; progress monitoring 3.04; well-managed learning 3.66 and digital learning 2.16.

According to Homan, Morgan’s score from the review was one of the highest scores generated by the review.

“Overall we were pleased with the results,” Homan said. He said primary the reviewers were impressed with the intensity of community involvement. “Our community and parents stepped up and did well,” Homan said.

The review found that the system, in part, has “Strong leadership throughout the system committed to shared vision of excellence and collaboration” and has a pervasive engagement of all stakeholder groups in system initiatives.”

He also said the system and community received praise for it’s “One Morgan” theme.

“ ‘One Morgan’ theme permeates the culture and climate of the entire Morgan County School System community,” it said.

“We are excited,” Homan said. “We know they’ll be some recommendations. We’re not perfect and didn’t claim to be.” 

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