Morgan County real estate sales top $7 million

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Compiled by Dianne Yost

staff writer

March 20, 2019

• CitiMortage, Inc. of O’Fallon, MO to Buckhault Properties, LLC of Covington, 1110 Shadyside Lane, Madison, $37,500.

• Barbara Shepherd Valentine of Rutledge to Ted Medford of Rutledge, 159 Newborn Road, 0.304 acre, Rutledge, $60,000.

March 23

• Cecile Rabe of Watkinsville to Jennifer G. Abernathy of Madison, 1010 Ridgeview Road, 0.57 acre, Madison, $283,000.

March 25

• James L. McDade of Madison to Randall L. Hinton of Eatonton, 1051 Cedar Grove Road, 12.624 acres, Buckhead, $148,000.

• Stacy F. Farmer of Good Hope to Curtis D. Newman, Sr. of Good Hope, 3295 Ash Road, 1 acre, Good Hope, $228,000.

March 27, 2019

• Julie Glaze of Conyers,  to Christopher T. Collins, Jr. of Madison, Sandy Creek Road, 7.499 acres, Madison, $67,500.

• Downtown Development Authority of Morgan County, Inc. of Madison to Habitat for Humanity of Morgan County, Inc. of Madison, 818 Pearl Street, Madison, $7,500.

March 28, 2019

• Brooklet Investment Partners, LLLP of Atlanta to Meier Investments, LLLP of Marietta,  Spears Road, Mansfield, $594,437.

• Feliks Family Irrevocable Trust of Buckhead to Maria Pulliam of Oxford,  1010 Carpenter Lane, Buckhead, $400,000.

March 29, 2018

• Kimberly Ann Miles of Eatonton to PEF Properties, LLC of Madison, Spears Road, 105.21 acres, Mansfield, $515,000.

• Raul Rivers of Lawrenceville,  to Ted McKinzie of Lawson, MO, 4631 Buckhead Road, Buckhead, $55,000.

• Tommy Lee Denney of Oxford,  to Kimberly Michelle Nelson of Madison, 1081 Creek Point Drive, Madison, $125,000.

• David Brent Walker of Madison to Broughton Road Properties, LLC of Madison, 1180 Walker Road and Walker Road portion, 34 acres, Madison, $34,559.

• Noles Family Properties, LLC of Eatonton to Clifford Ray Tate, Jr. of Bostwick, 3010 Fairplay Road, Rutledge, $42,500.

• John Claude Elliss of Madison to Carolyn McAlister of Madison, 1748 Four Lakes Drive, Madison, $220,000.

• Peter A. Busenitz of Bostwick to John C. Ellis of Madison, Gunn Road, 21.7 acres, Rutledge, $97,000.

April 1, 2019

• Charles W. Domby of Mount Vernon, Wash to Arthur H. Domby of Atlanta, Bethany Church Road, 365.66 acres, Madison, $389,833.

• The Barn in Madison, LLC of Rutledge to Bandit Holdings, LLC of Madison, 1141 Eatonton Road, 1.347 acres, Madison, $530,000.

• Rachel Patrick Kinsaul of Madison to Brandon Boswell of Madison, 3390 Bostwick Road, 4 acres, Madison, $305,600.

• Inez Windley FKA Ines C. Nelams of Rutledge to Bobby Smith of Rutledge, 1220 Academy Lane, 5.29 acres, Rutledge, $43,000.

• Brandon Tygret of Rocklin, Calif. to William Allen Rice of Madison, 1271 Cochran Road, Madison, $275,000.

• Thomas G. Kiplinger of Buckhead to Ricky D. King of Longanville, Shadow Lake Drive, 4.39 acres, Buckhead, $38,900.

April 2, 2019

• James Daryl Hughes of Buckhead to Cadmon Francis of Buckhead, 1231 Bonner Lane, Buckhead, $845,500.

• David G. Newton of Griffin, to Jonathan Blake Townsend of Madison, Walker Road, Godfrey Road portion, 12 acres, Madison, $90,000.

April 3, 2019

• Charlotte C. Merry of Highlands, NC to Thomas G. Thompson of McDonough,  1051 Mcfaddin Lane, Buckhead, $37,000.

April 4, 2019

• Charlene R. Kickbush, in her representative capacity as a Trustee . . . of Bishop to Brandon Pelfrey and Krystyna Pelfrey of Good Hope, Hester Town Road, Madison, $36,000.

• James A. Jones of St. Augustine, Fla. to RBC Homes, LLC of Madison, 1071 Parks Mill Road, Buckhead, $133,000.

April 5, 2019

• Walton Georgia, LLC of Scottsdale, AZ to A-Ching Chang Tsai of Scottsdale, AZ, 2731 Eatonton Highway, Madison, $100,000.

• Antonio Rivera of Buckhead to Edmund Wade Hall of Buckhead, 1110 Chivers Avenue, Buckhead, $269,000.

• R&S Property Investment, LLC of Madison to Legends Veterinary Land Holdings, LLC of Monroe,  1050 Monticello Highway, Madison, $265,000.

April 8, 2019

• Vason Building LLLP of Athens, Ga. to Thomas Preston Investments, LLC of Madison, 127 S. Main Street, Maidson, $895,000.

• Lewis L. Kendrick of Madison to Susan Knox Draeger of Madison, 1010 Barclay Drive, Madison, $208,500.

• Terry W. Comans of Buckhead to James W. Moon of Buckhead, 1371 Blue Springs Road, 2.36 acres, Buckhead, $18,000.

• Chad W. Foster of Madison to Jolene Hensler Bush of Madison, 304 North Second Street, Madison, 0.0144 acre, $97,500.

April 9, 2019

• Biblis L. Ghioto of Madison to Kevin Diaz of Madison, 1041 Highland Avenue, Madison, $120,000.

• BRD Development Co., LLC of Greensboro to Crown Ridge Homes, LLC of Madison, Westminster Way, Madison, $69,000.

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