Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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On April 13 Khadijah Shantell Lafay Banks, 25, Madison was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, less than an ounce and window tint violation. According to reports, a black Honda driven by Banks was stopped on the Madison by-pass near Cox Road for an alleged window tint violation. Consequent to the stop, an officer alleged, there was a smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The officer asked Banks if she had any marijuana in the vehicle and she allegedly reached under her shirt and produced a plastic bag of suspected marijuana. The officer also located eight suspected partially smoked marijuana cigarettes in an ashtray. A relative arrived and took possession of a 1-year-old child in the vehicle before Banks was transported to the Morgan County Detention Center.

On April 12 a fraud complaint was filed at a Garden Avenue, Buckhead. According to reports, an elderly woman said she allegedly received a call from Bank of America informing her the complainant’s checking account at the Bank of Greensboro was low. The caller said  the woman needed to put $8,238 in the Bank of Greensboro account via a Bank of America credit extension, which would cost the complainant a $1,995 fee. The caller also told the woman to make out the $1,995 fee check and give it to a Fed Ex driver when he arrived. The Bank of Greensboro did receive a $8,238 check from Bank of America but, fearing fraud, did not cash the check. The complainant also retained the $1,995 check fearing fraud.

On April 10 a damage to property complaint was filed at a Heidi Trail, Buckhead location. According to reports, a man said while he was driving west on Heidi Trail power lines fell on his vehicle. The man alleged that the live lines caused minor damage to his vehicle. The man said he placed his truck in park and shut off the power after the radio started smoking. A second man told officers he was driving west on Heidi Trail hauling heavy machinery with an alleged load height of 13’2” when the machinery caught a low power line and caused the line pole to snap and fall. The driver told officers it was his understanding that legal clearance was 13’4.” Both men refused medical attention and were released after Georgia Power workers moved the lines and made the area safe.

On April 11 a harassment and threats complaint was filed at an Old Mill Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that a woman known to her came to her residence ostensibly to retrieve some personal items but instead grabbed the complainant by the arm and slammed her into a wall.

On April 11 Tyler Jordan Schlapman, 25, Madison was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, less than an ounce, possession of dangerous drugs, and drugs not in original container. According to reports, officers serving an arrest warrant on Schlapman at a North Main Street residence made the arrest.

On April 10 Robert Alexander Hannor, 34, Orlando was cited for no through trucks. According to reports, a deputy responded to a railroad crossing on Fairplay Street in downtown Rutledge. Reports state that Hannor was driving a tractor trailer rig over the railroad crossing when the landing gear on the trailer collapsed after hitting the rail tracks which then caused the truck’s fuel tank to come loose from its mounting bracket. The deputy told Hannor that there were several signs advising that the street was a no truck zone and that there was a dangerous crossing sign at the intersection. Hannor allegedly told the deputy he saw the signs but that his GPS had advised him to take the route. The truck was towed away.

On April 9 a simple battery complaint was filed at a Apalachee Road residence. According to reports, a man alleged that after he had struck his brother in the face with a bag of diapers, the brother had struck him several times in the face with his fist. Reports state that the man and his brother became engaged in a verbal argument while reminiscing about a childhood fight. When recollections varied, one man starting “bucking” the other man and the man struck the other man with the bag of diapers. The men’s mother intervened and after pulling one man off the other, she slipped and fell. The mother said both men shared equal responsibility in the fight.

On April 9 a theft by taking complaint was filed at Relax Inn, Athens Highway. According to reports, a woman said someone took her 7-year-old bike from outside their motel room. The woman said the bike was red and white and has black handlebar grips. The bike, she said, was given to the child as a Christmas present in 2017. The woman said she and her son have lived at the motel since the Christmas of 2017 and had not had any problems up to that point. The bike is valued at approximately $65.

The woman’s room is 112.

On April 8 a damage to property complaint was filed at a Reids Ferry Road at Wood Lane location. According to reports, three men said while they were travelling in a truck northbound a tree fell against power line and the power line then struck a ladder rack on the truck and caused the truck to ignite. The men said when they exited the truck the ground was wet and they were electrocuted. Two men were transported with serious injuries to Augusta Medical Center.

On March 18 Jarid Ray Gordon, 27, Madison was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine. According to reports, investigators performing a probation search on a woman arrested Gordon at the woman’s Micha Way apartment. No other information is available regarding the arrest.

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