Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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On April 17 a threats complaint was filed at a Buckhead Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that she had been receiving threatening text messages from her estranged husband. Reports state that the text messages from the estranged husband are “making indirect threats to travel to Georgia to beat up her boyfriend…” The complainant also showed a deputy photos of past physical abuse the estranged husband had caused. She told the deputy she feared for her and her children’s safety.

On April 16 an affray complaint was filed at Rutledge Crossing, Atlanta Highway, Rutledge. According to reports, a man alleged that two other men jumped him at the store. Reports state that the man was at Play Fair Park in Rutledge playing basketball and that he allegedly used a racial slur during the game while he and the others were involved in “trash talking.” The man said he got a ride to Rutledge Crossing convenience store and two men in a white Dodge pickup followed him there. The man said the two men entered the store and attacked him. Reports state that witnesses bolstered the complainant’s claim and also said that the complainant and the two men appeared intoxicated at the time of the incident. Two women at the store were also struck, reports state. A deputy was able to obtain a tag number from the truck and identified the owner of the pickup truck.

On April 16 a theft by taking complaint was filed at an Athens Highway residence. According to reports, a man said someone entered his property and took a utility trailer that contained a Husqvarna riding mower and Miller welding rig. A gray tarp covered both items on the trailer. The trailer is valued at $2,000 and the other items are valued at a total of $7,700.

On April 14 a damage to vehicle complaint was filed at an Interstate 20 location. According to reports, a woman said while traveling east on Intestate 20 near the 103 mile marker, a grill flew off the back of a vehicle in front of her and damaged her vehicle. The driver of the vehicle with the grill told an officer that a gust of wind caused the grill to open and forced the grill grate out. The grate struck the woman’s BMW on the hood and windshield.

On April 15 a damage to property complaint was a filed at a Parks Mill Road, Buckhead residence. According to reports, a woman said she had stacked bricks up against paneling so that the paneling would act as a cover to an opening in her residence. The woman said when she walked outside in the morning she noticed that the bricks were all knocked over. A deputy reminded the woman that a severe storm with wind and rain had come through the area the night before but, reports state, the woman strongly believed that someone had knocked over the bricks to “mess” with her.

On April 15  a battery complaint was filed at Aqua Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that after she engaged in a heated argument with her 15-year-old daughter regarding the daughter’s use of foul language, the woman told the daughter that she was taking away her cell phone and internet access. The complainant said the daughter then struck her in the back of the head with a closed fist while they were sitting in the complainant’s vehicle in the driveway of the residence. The woman said she then entered her residence and went to the daughter’s room to disconnect the internet and while doing so the daughter allegedly hit her again. A deputy spoke with the daughter who told him that she had recently spent six months at a boarding school and thought she had control of her anger issues. 

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