AFLAT art show held in new high school

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor 

Morgan County students went all out for  this year’s “A Funky Little Art Thing,” (AFLAT), the annual system-wide eclectic art exhibit. The event was reborn this year, being held for the first time at Morgan County High School last week. The event was previously held for 10 years straight at the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center, but organizers decided the new high school would be the perfect place to display the creative artworks of Morgan County students, from grades K-12. 

“You know, doing AFLAT at the new building with all this space seemed like the best thing to do,” said Ty Manning, art teacher at MCHS. “We are going to keep the art up until the end of year, too.”   

According to Manning, the annual AFLAT show is designed to encourage students of all ages to tap into their creative selves and experience the unique things art can teach them.

“You can learn about yourself in ways you can’t with other subjects,” said Manning. “You learn how to express yourself, you learn about your thoughts and beliefs and art helps you think about the world through other people’s eyes. It teaches empathy and compassion. Art teaches a lot of stuff that you take for granted. The arts are therapeutic in a way, Art can get you through life and help you process whatever you are dealing with.”

If you missed the AFLAT show last week, the art is still on display at MCHS. 

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