Stamps commits to Lipscomb University

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By R. Alan Richardson

sports editor

We all know that Ethan Stamps is a talented young man.  He may look like any other high school student, but when you put a baseball or bat in his hands, those talents become obvious.  Since his arrival on the scene as a freshman at Morgan County High School, he has made a major impact on the baseball squad.  His talents go well beyond what you might see on the diamond when you look behind the scenes.  The junior has become highly involved with helping others in need; namely the autistic children that attend MOCO who look up to him.  That’s a pretty special talent for an already talented young man.

When asked what caused him to take a “liking” or interest in those less fortunate, he said, “I’m in a PE class with them in first period and I always play the sports with them and talk to them.  They live life to the fullest.  When something is going wrong with me I can just look at the kids and understand that they have something wrong with them out of their control.  They are still happy so it helps me keep moving with my head high.  These kids are special to me because they always walk around with a smile on their face no matter what their disability is.  I feel like one day I could possibly do something with special education kids.  I get along with them very well and I see them as just another young person.  They just have a unique thing about them.”

His mother, Coach Anne Stamps, shared a story with us about how Ethan wanted to somehow make them feel like a part of the team.  “They wanted to paint Ethan’s shoes before one of the games, and they all loved it.”  Ethan said, “The shoes thing came about because I felt like they should have the opportunity to be on the field in some type of way since they can’t physically be out there.”

The big news this week for the Stamps family was his verbal commitment to Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tenn.  The junior talked about his choice, “I feel like Lipscomb is a place you can live outside of baseball and live when you leave college.  It has a family atmosphere.”  Being a smaller school he was asked if and when the time comes, could it help him move on to the next level when his playing days are done there.  “Yes, I believe it’s a place that can help me get to the pros if I just work hard and do what I need to do.  I think if that possibility comes around, it’ll all fall into place.  They’ve had several guys drafted and a second baseman drafted just last year.  My goal for my senior season at Morgan County and beyond is to get my body in the best shape it can possibly be and out work everybody.  I just felt like the timing was right on my 18th birthday.  I called Coach Forehand and told him it was time for me to make an adult decision and that I was coming to Lipscomb to be a Bison.”  

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