Arrest follows man’s stabbing

Staff Written News

By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor 

A Madison man has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly stabbed another man twice behind the Sunflower Convenience Store.

According to Det. Wes Thompson, Madison Police Department, Alex Tolbert, 32, was detained at a Commerce Street residence at approximately 9:30 p.m. after officers conducted an interview with a man who alleged that Tolbert had stabbed him following an argument the two men had after the victim had allegedly urinated in front of Tolbert’s girlfriend.

Reports state that at approximately 8:30 Tolbert was speaking with his girlfriend at the parking lot of the Sunflower Convenience store, Eatonton Road when he observed the man urinating on the side of a building near the woman. Reports state Tolbert approached the man and as the girlfriend was leaving the man allegedly walked over to the car and stated “I don’t fight, I shoot.”

Tolbert allegedly told the man that “it wasn’t that serious… let it go.”

Approximately one hour later the man reported to police that he had been stabbed. When officers located Tolbert, reports state, he was too intoxicated to interview and was then held on an investigative hold. He was later charged.

The victim, Thompson said, received two stab wounds that required three stitches to close.

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