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On May 2 a criminal damage to property complaint was filed at a Overlook Drive residence. According to reports, two woman reported that they walk by the vacant residence every day and noticed that someone had kicked in a garage door. A front column had also been damaged and was lying on the ground.

On May 3 Tavaris Anton Reid, 29, Madison was arrested and charged with simple battery. According to reports, a woman alleged that Reid came to her Morgan Circle residence and accused her of “being out with someone else.” The woman said she denied the allegations and Reid allegedly choked her. The woman said she walked to her vehicle to leave and Reid allegedly opened the car door and punched her on the left brow. The woman then alleged that while she was driving south on the Madison by-pass Reid allegedly attempted to run her off the road. An officer located Reid at Morgan Circle. Reports state he denied all allegations. He was then arrested.

On May 3 a harassment complaint was filed at a fitness center parking lot, North Main Street. According to reports, a woman told an officer that while she was in the parking lot another woman drove by and yelled from her car “You need to stay away from my husband.” The woman said she was currently seeing the woman’s husband and that the husband had allegedly told her he was getting a divorce. The woman also alleged that in the past she has observed the estranged wife taking pictures of her residence and she has observed her in hotel parking lots where she and the man had met in the past.

On May 3 an information report was filed at a Pine Tree Circle residence. According to reports, an officer responded to a heated dispute and arrived and found a man and woman standing next to a 2016 Hyundai with the rear driver’s side window shattered. Reports state that the man and woman said they had come to repost the vehicle from a woman who had, for the past year, paid $500 per month plus $150 per month in insurance, for the vehicle. Reports state that the woman was $50 in arrears on the vehicle. Before it could be repossessed, reports state, a man threw a trash can at the window. The man that threw the trash can alleged that the couple had attempted to run him over. He also said he intended on throwing the trash can but did not intend to break the window.

On May 4 a child enticement complaint was filed at Madison Town Park. According to reports, a female child reported that she was sitting on a park bench when a black male, 5’5”, balk with orange t shirt and shorts and no shoes came up and sat down next to her at 10: 30 a.m. The girl said she got up and began walking away towards West Washington Street and the man allegedly followed her and commented on her hair color. After the man made the comments the girl said she ran to her mother.

On May 4 a warrant was issued against Hendrick Tyrone Reynolds, 43, Madison for aggravated stalking, battery, simple assault, interfering with 911 calls and theft by taking. According to reports, Reynolds was released from the Morgan County Detention Center on April 25 and immediately moved into a house with a woman on Commerce Street. Reports state that the woman alleged that per Reynolds’ probation he was to have no contact with the woman. 

The woman alleged that after Reynolds moved in he immediately began to hit, choke, punch and threaten the woman. On May 4 between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. the woman alleged that she attempted to call 911 twice after Reynolds allegedly began to punch her and Reynolds took the phone and hung up. She also alleged that a day before Reynolds’ allegedly pulled a knife and threatened her with the knife. She also alleged that on May 3 Reynolds took $60 and the majority of a Clonazepam prescription from her. The woman also alleged that Reynolds had consumed powder cocaine every night since his release. She provided officers with photos of the alleged abuse. An officer noted that he observed bruising on the woman’s arms.

On May 2 a forgery complaint was filed at Golden Pantry, North Main Street. According to reports, an employee alleged that a man passed a counterfeit $100 bill. The employee said the man also took a drink valued at $1.23.

On April 29 Donta Moore, 23, Madison was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, less than an ounce. According to reports, officers were called to Nation’s Food Store, East Washington Street, regarding men in the parking lot allegedly smoking marijuana. When officers arrived, reports state, they allegedly observed Moore with a marijuana cigarette in his hand. Moore was detained and, reports state, an officer allegedly found a small bag of suspected marijuana in his pants pocket.

On April 28 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Harris Avenue residence. According to reports, a woman said while two friends were wrestling in her yard, they fell into her vehicle and caused damage.

On April 29 a theft by deception complaint was filed at the Bottle Shop, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a man came to the liquor store on April 12 and cashed a $600 check. A day later the man returned and cashed a second $600 check. 

Both checks have been returned for insufficient funds and a phone number the man gave the store has been disconnected.

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