Fox family breaks ground on new home

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor 

A new home is underway for the Fox Family, who was hit hard financially hit fighting against cancer in their daughter Cadence. A former Morgan County photographer, Brandy Angel Hayes, took on the fundraising effort to build this family a new house in Eatonton through her non-profit organization Be The Change: Brandy Angel Foundation. 

A groundbreaking ceremony for the new house was celebrated on Sunday, April 28. So far, the foundation has raised $20,000 and is hoping to raise a total of $75,000 to finish the house. The foundation has purchased the plot of land for the house to be built upon and is currently clearing it in preparation for construction. 

“I want to thank everyone who came out to the groundbreaking to show support for this big step forward in getting Cadence and her family into their new home,” said Angel.  “I also want to give a huge thank you to everyone that has donated, volunteered and helped us get to this point. We are so grateful to each and every effort our community has given us. The groundbreaking was such an amazing, motivating step forward and a huge testament to the hard work we have all put into this project and into helping this family. Now we just need to finish raising the funds and gather volunteers to make this house a reality!”

Angel is asking the community to help the foundation think of ways to further assist the Fox Family and the fundraising efforts necessary to pay for the new house. 

“Please contact us with any ideas for fundraising, interests in helping and please donate whatever you can!” said Angel.

At just nine-years-old, Cadence Fox was diagnosed with two germinoma brain tumors in 2015. The local community rallied around the family as they embarked on an uphill battle for the life of their daughter. 

“Moving to a small community has been unbelievable during this time. The day Cadence was diagnosed, we were in the hospital. I hadn’t told anybody other than family and close friends, and people were already reaching out to us to help with our other children. They asked if we needed help getting the kids to school or cooking meals for them. We just had an outreach of amazing people,” said Tara Fox, Cadence’s mother. 

Cadence has been in remission now for over two years, but is still living with complications and side-effects from the cancer and treatment, including eight brain bleeds. The family was forced to live in a rundown, moldy apartment after their credit was ruined from overwhelming medical bills. 

“The reason the foundation decided to get involved is because there was no where for this family to turn to,” said Angel.  “I tried to help them find an answer for almost a year but they just didn’t fit into any of the boxes so many larger foundations require. They weren’t poor enough to get help and they weren’t rich enough to help themselves, so we decided to do it ourselves. I realize this was a huge project for a small foundation that lacks experience, but I knew we would pull it off with the right people helping us and with the help of our amazing communities.”

For the Fox Family, and Angel, the groundbreaking ceremony was a huge milestone in the effort of securing a new house for the family. 

“It has been a slow road but it has steadily moved forward and I know the day will come that we can put this family in a safe, healthy home for Cadence to call her own,” said Angel.  

Be the Change- Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. is seeking sponsors to help put this family in a new home this year. “We can’t do this without their help  This foundation is run completely by volunteers with no overhead expenses, allowing 100 percent of donations to reach families in need,” said Angel. 

Donations to the Fox Family Home Build may be made out to Be the Change-Brandy Angel Foundation, Inc. and dropped off at any Bank South location or mailed to 100 Dickens Lane, Bishop, GA 30621.

The foundation is also looking for people to donate their time and skills to help with the build, whether it be electrical work, plumbing work, or other relevant construction work. 

For more information about the Brandy Angel Foundation, visit:

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