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Madison Police Department

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On May 7 an attempt at fraud complaint was filed at a East Avenue residence. According to reports, an elderly woman stated that she received and answered a call from a man claiming to be from the Social Security Administration. The woman said she had a difficult time remembering the content of the call but that she wrote a $2,000 check. The woman took the check to her bank to cash but a bank employee became concerned regarding possible fraud and called the complainant’s daughter. The daughter advised the bank to void the check, which it did. 

On May 9 Shakiera Jamya Wright, 18, Madison was arrested and charged with shoplifting. According to reports, an Ingles employee advised officers that he had allegedly witnessed Wright take items and place them on her person. Wright was stopped outside the store and returned to the store. An officer interviewed Wright in a room at the store and, reports state, Wright allegedly confessed to attempting to take the $20 worth of items. She also said she had money in her purse and would like to pay for the items. The offer, however, was refused and Wright was arrested.

On May 7 Cole Anthony Rhodes, 35, Cary, N.C. was arrested and charged with DUI, reckless driving, two counts passing in a no passing zone and driving without license on person. According to reports, at 7:30 p.m. a Madison Police Department officer reported that while he was patrolling on Georgia Highway 12 near the Wash Rock, a Sonata allegedly driven by Rhodes passed the officer’s patrol cruiser in a no-passing zone. The Sonata also passed a pickup truck. The officer engaged emergency lights and sirens and the vehicle came to a stop in the Wash Rock parking lot. Immediately after the vehicle came to a stop, reports state, the officer detained Rhodes and transported him to Morgan Medical Center for blood testing but Rhodes refused.

On May 6 a burglary complaint was filed at the former Morgan Memorial Hospital, South Main Street. According to reports, an employee reported that someone had entered the vacant building and vandalized several areas including damaging “exit” signs and taking items from a refrigerator and throwing them across floors. A can of paint was thrown in the kitchen area and a gas stove was left on causing gas to leak into several areas of the building.

On May 3 a hit and run complaint was filed at TA Truck Stop, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee stated that after a tractor trailer driver had purchased fuel, the driver destroyed a fuel pump by striking the pump with the trailer as he was leaving the business. Reports state that the employee estimates the fuel pump is valued at between $20,000 and $30,000. The employee offered the investigating officer financial information regarding the driver’s fuel transaction and reviewed surveillance video that allegedly shows the incident. The officer was able to contact the trucking firm and a representative vowed to take care of the damages.

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