Wrong way woman arrested on I – 20

Staff Written News

By Patrick Yost


A woman who slammed on her brakes and then chased a man the wrong direction in reverse for approximately one mile before turning her car to face the man’s car and travel the wrong way on Interstate 20 for another half mile was arrested and charged with a host of violations including DUI.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, Brandolyn Gwen McMullen, 47, Atlanta, was waving her arms when a deputy arrived on Interstate 20 and observed her Enclave facing west in the east bound lane. Reports state that she was raising her arms at a man who had called Morgan County Dispatch regarding McMullen’s erratic driving. The man called dispatch at approximately 11:30 p.m.

McMullen allegedly told the officer that she had “uncovered a very serious financial fraud within her company and that there were people out to get her as a result.”

She also told the officer she had taken a Xanax and a half of Adderall prior to driving. She explained her behavior to the deputy by stating that she believed the man who was following her  had called dispatch was involved with the alleged fraudulent activity. The man told authorities that after McMullen stopped on the interstate and began driving in reverse he did the same thing in his vehicle for approximately one mile. McMullen then allegedly turned her vehicle around to face the man and drove at him another half mile, reports state.

Deputies removed a container of prescription drugs, a laptop computer, checkbooks and paperwork from the vehicle along with a dog.

McMullen faces charges of DUI drugs, reckless driving and possession of a schedule II substance.

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