Franklin headed for Bradwell Institute

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By R. Alan Richardson

sports editor

Coach Milfred Franklin has been around to assist with three State Basketball Championships and a whole lot more.  The lifelong resident, student, and coach is headed south to Hinesville in Liberty County to take on a new challenge outside of his beloved Morgan County.  He said, “It’s time to advance.  It is both exciting and scary at the same time.”

The 39-year-old veteran has been a Bulldog since kindergarten having graduated from MCHS in 1997.  Parents, Milfred, Sr. and Geraldine Franklin are also lifelong residents where his father graduated from Pearl High School and his mother was a twenty plus year employee of the school system as a receptionist in the counselors’ office area at the high school.  Franklin told us, “I didn’t play basketball in high school, but became a student of the game when my Uncle Jack Williams asked me to help him out with the Middle School program in 2002 as a community coach.  I found myself and what I wanted to do at that time.”  He’s spent the past 17 years coaching in some type of capacity ever since and made a huge impact on children that have come through those programs.

He pursued his undergraduate degree at Fort Valley, Georgia Military College, and Athens Tech before graduating with a B.S. in Middle Grades Education at Piedmont.  His Masters’ and Specialist’s Degree are in curriculum and instruction.  Franklin has been a full-time Health and Physical Education instructor since 2007 at Morgan County Middle School.  During that span he has coached boys’ basketball, football, and boys’ track at MCMS while also assisting on the varsity basketball staff and coaching the JV boys at Morgan County High School.  One of his primary duties has been as the Athletic Director at MCMS since 2014 where he was instrumental in starting up the girls’ volleyball program there.

Asked about his new position at Bradwell Institute, he commented, “I will be going in as the varsity assistant basketball coach under Wilbert Hamilton from Montgomery.  My role will be as the “Coach-in-waiting” to take over the program when he retires.  I’ve been blessed to have had some great training under some famous coaches like Donald Harris, Jack Williams, Charlemagne Gibbons, and Jamond Sims.  I’m going out on my own and will now get a chance to apply what I’ve learned from those guys.  They all made me better.” 

Franklin noted, “A special thank you to All the administrators I’ve served under, coaches who’ve guided me for the past 17 years, my family who supported me at the games, parents who allowed me to coach their son, players who believed in me, teachers who I’ve worked countless classroom hours with to make sure the student-athletes maintained focus in the classroom, and last but not least my friends and the MOCO fans that helped and supported me at home and away games!  I thank God for giving me the talent and opportunity to be a Bulldog for all these years.

I will forever be grateful to MOCOATHLETICS and MOCOBASKETBALL!” 

Author’s note:  Milfred Franklin is well-known and well-liked in this community.  He has done a tremendous job as both the AD and as a coach in every position he’s been assigned.  I would like to thank him personally for all the help he’s given me here at the Morgan County Citizen.  He’s always been Johnny-on-the-spot when I needed anything from him.  I will miss his hard work, humor, personality and friendship.  It will not be easy finding an AD or coach as his replacement with his skills.  Thank you my friend.  I wish you the best.  Good luck.

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