More than $8 million on property sold

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Compiled by Dianne Yost

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May 16, 2019

• PDL, LLC of Farmington, to South Oconee Properties, LLC of Farmington, 5 Acre Fairground Road, Madison, $120,000. 

• RBS Homes, LLC of Madison to Andrew N. Arnold of Madison, 1051 Thankful Road, 2.13 acres, Madison, $290,000.

• Jennifer Pennington Investments, LLC of Madison to Travis Maxwell Gaubert of Bostwick, 5780 Bostwick Highway, Bostwick, $144,000.

• Bobby Knight of Rutledge to Frusanna B. Hayes of Madison, 1000 Longwood Drive, 2.528 acres, Madison, $57,500.

• Donald L. Woods, as Successor Trustee of the William Doug… of Greenwood Village, Colo. to Douglass Dobbs of Monroe, Sandy Creek Road, 102.49 acres, Madison, $280,000.

May 17, 2019

• CTX Funding SPE, LLC of Good Hope, to Old Greenwood, LLC of Madison, 1151 Dixie Highway, Madison, $225,000.

• J. Scott Baize A/K/A Jeffrey Scott Baize and Deborah Ann Baize of Lithonia, to Slover Land, LLC of Alpharetta, Weaver Jones Road, 031103 and 031104, 46.85 acres, $324,714.

• New Leaf Homes, LLC of Greensboro to Beau J. Nelson of Madison, 1521 Westminster Way, Madison, $334,695.

• James Vernon Mullins of Madison to Mark Huffstetler of Kennesaw, 1751 Deerwood Drive (portion) Madison, 47.635 acres, $326,300.

• Jack Clinton Studdard a/k/a J.C. Studdard Estate of Social Circle, Wellington Street, 2.5 acres, Madison, $15,000.

May 20, 2019

• Lamar Moss of Rutledge to Neil J. Young and Libby R. Young, as Trustees to the Neil … of Rutledge, 1411 Fairplay Road, Rutledge, $195,000.

• Betty Brown of Buckhead to John Orr of Dacula, East Avenue, 2.13 acres, Madison, $130,000.

May 21, 2019

• Bruce E. Borron of Lula, to Amy Cossio of Madison, 1221 Wildflower Way, Madison, $187,000.

• Real Estate Perspectives, XII, LLC of Atlanta to Raymond Eric Adcock of Madison, 1120 Shepherd Road, 48 acres, Madison, $540,000.

• Mike Ward of Madison to David Matthew Wilson of Madison, 1081 Lawrence Drive, 15.013 acres, Madison, $111,000.

• Madison Traditional Development, LLC of Madison to RBC Homes, LLC of Madison to RBC Homes, LLC of Madison, 740 Markhams Drive, Madison, $35,000.

• Madison Traditional Development, LLC of Madison to RBC Homes, LLC of Madison, 782 Markhams Drive, Madison, $35,000.

• Carey M. Bryant of Eatonton to Peter Bolan of Macon, 1141 Fawnfield Drive, 0.77 acre, Buckhead, $895,000.

May 23, 2019

• John Ryan Sower and William Randall Sower of McDonough,  to Kyla Maxwell and Edgar Maxwell of Mansfield, 2778 Sewell Drive and 014 025 and 01350 043, Mansfield, $440,000.

• R&D Properties GA LLC, a Georgia Limited Liability Company of Monroe,  to Adam John Geiger of Madison, 3781 Brownwood Road, Madison, $665,000.

May 24, 2019

• Kenwood Investments, LLC of Tucker, to Chamberlain Hrdlicka White Williams & Aughtry, PC of Atlanta, 1250 MacFaddin Lane, 3.1 acres and 1260 MacFaddin Lane, 2.82 acres, Newborn, $74,000.

• Matthew W. Kroes of Pittsburgh, Pa. to Sondra Madison of Buckhead, 1951 Swords Trail, Buckhead, $509,000.

• Madison Shepherd LLC of Norcross, to CTX Funding SPE, LLC of Good Hope,  1471 Shephard Road, 17.775 acres, Madison, $195,000.

• Zapata Construction Services, LLC of Covington to Christopher Terry Doster of Madison, 1061 Arbor Court, 0.82 acre, Madison, $349,000.

May 28, 2019

• Centennial Creek Farm, LLC of Suwanee, to Anthony R. Adams of Conyers, Centennial Road, 63.69 acres, Rutledge, $248,781.

• Patrick Charles Alvord of Lawrenceville, to Andrew Wesley Ayers of Madison, 3721 Clack Road, 5 acres and 040 009/Clack Road, 89.93 acres, Madison, $161,000.

• Robbie G. Allgood, Sr. of Madison to Leslie L. Cowart of Madison, 1101 Wildflower Way, Madison, $225,000.

• Travis Peters of Oxford,  Luke Z. Johnson of Madison, 2300 Greensboro Road, 5 acres, Madison, $145,000.

May 29,2019

• Barbara S. Simons of Madison to E. S. Sanford, Jr. of Lilburn, 1140 Commerce Street, 0.41 acre, Madison, $129,000.

• Midfirst Bank of Oklahoma City, Ok to Zachary Lynn Williams of Madison, 2521 Cochran Road, 5.01 acres, Madison, $59,650.

• James Fentem Small, SR Estate of Madison to E. S. Sanford, Jr. of Lilburn, 1070 Commerce Street, Madison, $160,000.

• Anna V. Nestor of Madison to Todd H. Miller of Grayson,  1131 Ferrell Lane, Madison, $260,000.

May 31, 2019

• Abigail B. Benkoski of Madison to Rodolfo D. Montoya of Madison, 1401 Nolan Store Road, Madison, $139,000.

• Cheryl C. Saffold of Buckhead to Zach Sittler of Madison, 689 S. Main Street, Madison, $210,000.

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