Another week of Recreation camp success

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By R. Alan Richardson

sports editor

The MCRD summer fundamentals camps continue to be a resounding success.  Here are a few reports from the coaches who ran the weekly clinics.

Coach Jacquelyn Whetzel said, “Despite the gloomy forecast for most of last week, the MCRD Cross Country Camp participants hit the trail with me and Kathi Edwards- rain or shine. This year, camp focused on conditioning for the upcoming season through running games, hill drills and sprints. Runners finished the week with confidence, knowing they had more stamina than they arrived with on the first day. It’s always my goal as a Running Coach to teach these kids that they can do challenging things, and that anyone who runs can call themselves a runner. Every time you lace up your shoes, you will improve from the last time you ran. If camp is any indication, we will have an amazing season this fall.”
Have a Healthy Day!
~ Jacquelyn

Middle School basketball coaches Bo Larkin and Brian Cousins were in charge of the basketball camps.  Larkin said, “We had a great group of kids for basketball last week – ages ranging from 6yrs-12yrs. This year we had a good mixture of boys and girls. Our goal was for the kids to learn the fundamentals of basketball while having fun. Coach Cousins and I wanted to make sure that each kid was getting individual skill development as well as learning how to be a great teammate in large group activities. Big thanks to the Morgan County Recreation Department for heading the camp up year after year and thank you for all those who attended. 

Cousins added, “Basketball camp was a great experience last week. We had 18 kids that were introduced to the game. We taught fundamentals through drills and games. Coach Larkin and I had the privilege to run the camp for the third year in a row and feel that it is important to provide this service to the kids of Morgan and surrounding counties.  Hopefully they develop a love for the game and will continue to play in the future.”

After a number of years of not having a youth football camp, high school Coach Aubrey Fortson stepped in to oversee the project this year.  His comments were, “We had a good group of 33 players over the four  days we were at the new soccer complex.  When the Recreation Department came to me about running the camp it was like we really need to do this.  The kids can attend and take advantage of every other type of camp, so why not football.  It was a great opportunity to teach them some basic skills and hopefully keep them coming back and staying involved in the game.  We taught them about route running, catching, throwing, running, and coverage.  Each day we also had flag football games and a 7-on-7 competition at the end of the day.  We tried to make it fun for them and keep things interesting.  I have to thank former players David Williams, Justin Hubbard, and Tim Hawkins for coming to help me out as well as the MCRD for allowing me to run the camp.”

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