Good week for Dogs at UGA 7-on-7 camp

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By R. Alan Richardson

sports editor

Kirby Smart is… well, pretty smart.  He and his staff hold football camps for youth through college transfers throughout the summer.  Make no bones about it.  This is not just about letting some kids have a little fun.  It’s a high-dollar way of finding the best talent at the youngest age to bring into the stable of The University of Georgia.

One of those camps involves only skill positions.  Quarterbacks, receivers, safeties, running backs, corners, defensive ends, and linebackers come together to play in several 7-on-7 competitions throughout the summer.  There are no linemen involved.  The teams come in from all over the state, southeast, and country to strut their stuff while working on their passing attacks and outside running game.  

Morgan County attended this past week’s competition and went up against the likes of White County, Westside Macon, Athens Academy and others as part of their annual summer workouts.  One thing is for sure.  When you go up against stout competition, weaknesses will be revealed.  That was a common theme between the triumvirate of coaches that weighed in on the camp. 

Bill Malone commented, “I’m glad we participated in the event because we were able to compete against some high caliber competition. Our weaknesses were revealed and we were able to get those addressed and hopefully fixed.  We are also looking forward to the padded camp in Cochran this week. That’ll be as close to real football as we can play in the summer.”  He added, “Don’t forget about the 11th Annual Bill Cochran, Jr. Tournament at Hard Labor Creek this Friday. Get in touch with a TD Club member for more information.”

Defensive coordinator Brett Bell noted, “The UGA 7-vs-7 is a great experience for our players to play in a unique venue and to play against some of the most elite competition in the United States.  Defensively, we were led by Zan Mohone, Cole Freeman, and Noah Brown.  These players competed relentlessly and communicated our scheme effectively. Looking back at the day, we learned a lot about playing in a big time environment, and I am hopeful that events like this will allow us to learn and grow as a defense so we can reach our potential as a unit.” 

Wade Woodall runs the offense.  He said, “Offensively, I was proud of the way our players competed. We have some things that we need to work on. The big thing we need to address is being consistent throughout the entire game. We would have four, five, or six good plays in a row and then two or three plays where we would bust an assignment, have a drop, etc. I thought we only played one complete game, but we were in just about every game. Saying that, we had several players give us great performances. Trent Folds had a great day throwing the ball. Jerritt Wyatt was a magnet catching everything thrown in his direction. Al Edwards, Seth Robertson and Denver Laughlin all had big plays at various points on the day. I am excited about this group and hopeful we can continue the momentum we gained in the spring and so far this summer.”

This week the Dogs traveled to Cochran for another summer camp in Cochran.  Details to follow.

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