Bill Cochran Memorial Golf tourney comes up big

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By Alvin Richardson

staff writer

According to Morgan County High School Head Football Coach Bill Malone the recent golf tournament, played in memory of Bill Cochran, was a huge success once more.  The golf tournament itself is in its 11th year, the last seven of which have been named in honor of the the former Morgan County football player, Touchdown Club President and avid supporter of the program who passed away in 2012.

Malone noted, “This event is important to me mostly because Bill Cochran was one of my best friends.  Of course financially the tournament puts thousands of dollars into our program and we’ll use part of that this year to buy one and two man tackling sleds and some much needed equipment for our weight room.”  Malone continued, “But aside from the emotional and financial side of things the tournament is a testament to the support our community gives us.  Another one of the things I enjoy most about the day is just to see all those folks smiling, having fun and getting excited about the upcoming season.  The overall mood of the day just lifted my spirits.”

Malone also wanted to thank all of those who put in so much time and effort to make the tourney successful.  He singled out Chuck Patterson who headed the committee in charge of putting it on and Lynette Knight who is the current Touchdown Club President.

There were many unique aspects of the tournament itself.  The Morgan County football players were there to lend a hand carrying bags from participant’s vehicles to the carts and doing all manner of necessary chores to help things run smoothly.  There was a putting contest and a mulligan sale (much needed in some cases).  Additionally golfers could purchase tee busters so that they could move up one tee box on any hole (again a welcome aid) and could also buy eight feet of string for a “gimmee” putt.  There was also a long drive contest as well as a closest to the pin contest on a par three hole.

All these things helped to make it a great day for Morgan County football and a fitting salute to one of Morgan County’s greatest supporters – Bill Cochran.

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